Cats & Dogs: The revenge of Katty Galore

An unflinching bond

Cats & Dogs: The revenge of Katty Galore

A scene from 'Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Katty Galore'

The 2001 hit sequel of “Cats & Dogs” features live action animal talking and involving in hi-tech action adventure. The inter-species battle flick brings out all the silly side jokes that will get kids giggling and bored parents rolling their eyes.

Bette Midler voices the evil-minded cat Katty Galore whose latest plan is to drive all dogs insane and then take control over mankind. To foil this nefarious plan former police dog Diggs (James Marsden) and DOGS agent Butch (Nick Nolte) must work together with Catherine (Christina Applegate), a spy from MEOWS to maintain the balance of nature. Along the way they find themselves becoming friends despite their initial hard feelings against one another.

The animals do find themselves in scary situations. With explosions, a couple of near disasters and 3-D intensifying the effects, the film has everything for kids. There are silly gags and stereotypes as well. What ultimately wins in the end is the spirit of friendship. However, this film is too childish for young teens and adults because of the the stale one-liners and the not-so-new CGI effects.

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