Surgical procedure devised for Type 2 diabetes

Surgical procedure devised for Type 2 diabetes

Dr. Aureo Ludovico de Paula, is in the city to address the first international conference and live workshop on this procedure along with his Indian counterpart Dr Surendra Ugale.

Ugale who is also the organising secretary of the workshop said, "the new research has shown that there are some intestinal hormones which have a great effect on the pancreas and insulin secretion especially in response to food intake. Dr Paula has devised a laparoscopic operation which he claims is proving to be a cure for Type 2 diabetes."

Paula said, "the surgery can control diabetes without insulin, arrest the metabolic syndrome of the body organ deterioration, thus avoiding future diabetic complications." The doctor who has performed 700 surgeries with 95 percent remissions said the operation involves a long segment of ilium (ending portion of small intestine) which is shifted to the upper small intestinal area, where food particles will reach it very soon on eating a meal.

This causes an immediate secretion of good hormone GLP-1 which acts on the B cells of pancreas to secrete insulin and control blood sugar. The fall out is a biochemical process that facilitates insulin secretion in the presence of undigested food and controls Type 2 diabetes, a metabolic disorder that is marked by the failure to absorb sugar and starch due to lack of the hormone insulin, Paula said.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. In this disease, either the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells ignore it.

Ugale explained that Type 2 Diabetes affects several organs. The solution therefore is to stimulate these hormones in lower intestine that in turn secrete GLP which in turn stimulates the pancreas to stimulate the insulin and get fresh beta cells.

He said patients who already have diabetes for ten years and using medication, and are suffering from five associated diseases are ideal candidates for this kind of surgical intervention which costs around Rs 3.5-4 lakhs.

The surgery not only controls high blood pressure but also improves kidney cholesterol nerves reduces excess weight and also one need not take any medicines. He also can eat normally post surgery including sweets. However, doctors insist that first of all in any patient they would advise lifestyle changes, exercise followed by medication, if there is diabetes and if the patient is not doing well only then surgery is advised.

Presently a centre in Mumbai and Hyderabad are performing this surgery. A centre has also come up in Coimbatore. Over hundred doctors from all over the country and endocrinologists are participating in the two-day seminar beginning today.

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