For that extra touch...


For that extra touch...

Sanjay and Shammy

Thin or wide; bright, basic or bejeweled; a belt is an easy way to polish any outfit. Designers Sanjay and Shammy say that over the years, a belt has transformed from being just a functional clasp for clothes to one of the few accessories that can take any outfit up a notch. The most relaxed and casual outfits teamed with a belt can look stunning. Belts can do wonders for tunics, dresses, low-rise jeans and skirts.

Going a step ahead, the designers have created an exquisite range of brocade belts that Sanjay says can even be worn on a sari.

“Belts have come a long way in the fashion industry. Today one can wear belts over anything and everything. This particular range of belts is made totally out of brocade. And what makes these belts interesting is that one can actually wear them over a sari as well,” says Sanjay, who co-designs his creations with wife, Shammy.

 The belt, when worn over a sari, helps give a good shape to the garment. With a wide range of colours and designs to choose from, these belts can easily blend with any garment. “One has to choose the perfect belt that will help accentuate the garment. That’s why belts are called accessories,” he adds.

With broad belts coming back in fashion, Sanjay says such belts give one a slimmer and taller look.

“Choosing the right kind of belt is a completely personal choice. Generally, one should look at the design of an outfit and then pick a belt. But I feel broad belts provide a leaner and taller look for women,” says Sanjay.

So how does one go about picking the right kind of belt? “If you have a limited budget, then I suggest you invest in mainly two kinds of belts — a plain classic one and a bejeweled one. A simple and pale outfit can be tweaked with some sequinned belts while a grand outfit can be played down with a simple plain belt,” he says.

One can look for sturdy or stretchy materials such as solid and woven leathers, reinforced layers of satin, or thick, wide elastic bands that can comfortably resist all the bending and sitting that one is likely to do over the course of a day. “Gone are the days when belts were all about the leather. Today, people have the opportunity to be creative and experiment with a lot more materials,” says Sanjay. When it does come to colours, Sanjay says go with what the garment and the heart demand. “Don’t victimise the garment with contrasting colours. You will only end up making a fool of yourself. Rather, go in for more timeless, classic colours when it comes to choosing a belt. The point is to only accentuate the garment,” he says.

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