Yaragol irrigation project again in limbo?

 Rs 30 crore worth pipes brought for this project work are lying disused near Omkarashrama on Kolar-Bangarpet road.

Long-standing demand

The district in the pre-independence period was completely dependent on the tanks and rains for the water supply. Now, the tanks and other waters sources have dried up due to scanty rains. Depleting underground water table has also become a cause of concern.
The residents here may have to go on mass exodus if the situation turns worse. Responding to their cry for permanent solution to the problem, former minister K Srinivasgowda had prepared the blueprint of Yaragola project. The plan was to construct a mini dam at Yaragol near Balamande in Bangarpet taluk and supply water from here to Kolar, Bangarpet, Malur and Kolar Gold Fields.

The works on the project was also launched when several elected representatives including Krishnaiah Setty of Malur, former legislator B P Venkatamuniyappa, S Rajendran raised objections during the regime of the JD(S)-BJP alliance government. The pipes brought for the works at storage unit in Kolar are now lying uncared.

The dream was resurrected by Kolar legislator and former chairman of Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Board R Varthur Prakash who evinced interest in implementing the project. However, after Varthur Prakash was sacked by the BJP government which was perturbed by the infighting.

Now the million dollar question is - Who will take up the long-pending project? The public have urged the politicians not to involve in petty politics and obstruct the project.

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