Truth seeker

 The Lord responds to Arjuna by saying that whoever practices fixing the mind regularly and steadfastly on Him and is ever united with Him with complete faith are perfect masters of yoga. 

 The path of bhakti or devotion can be likened to a bridge that connects the path of jnana or wisdom and the path of karma or action. While worship of the formless Absolute is superior to the worship of name and form, it is very difficult to practice for one who is embedded in name and form. This is why it is desirable that the seeker exerts effort to foster qualities that can help him reach his goal.

 What are some of these qualities? The Lord has enumerated them in the sacred text. These include he who is free from  hatred of all creatures, free of notions of “I” and “mine”, he who is kind and friendly to all, who is even-minded in joy and suffering, he who is forgiving, he who restrains his senses from going outward, who is ever contented, he who is not disturbed by the world and who does not disturb the world and he who is free from exultation, jealousy, fear and worry.

 Further qualities include the ability to remain unaffected by joy or suffering, good or evil, grief or craving, praise or censure, warmth or chill, joy or sorrow, credit or blame and worldly expectations of any kind. Finally, he who is pure in body and mind, who is good at his work, who is intently devout, who has given up attachments, who spends his time on quiet contemplation of God, who is ever contented with what he receives, who does not associate himself with his body, who has strong determination and who loves God with a calm disposition and intense devotion.

 And the truths contained in the Gita are “not to be communicated to one who is not disciplined, or who is not a devotee, or who has not served the learned or to one who hates Me." This is because “four kinds of people of good deeds turn to me including those who are in distress, or who search for knowledge, or who desire worldly goods or the truly wise." And later in the same chapter, the Lord declares: "It is only those of good deeds whose sins are ended, and who are freed from the spell of opposites that run to me with firm determination."

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