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Sanchita Ajjampur

When Sanchita Ajjampur got an opportunity to showcase her designs at Paris, she decided to share her happiness with her friends by throwing a party at a posh bar in a five-star hotel. Working as the design consultant for many socialites, the soiree was expected to be a get-together of friends and clients who poured in slowly. “One is bound to be late, after all it is in the middle of the week,” said a guest.

Due to many restrictions Sanchita could not have a proper fashion show but she did showcase her spring collection for men and women to see. “This is my way of reintroducing the iconic label to the fashionistas. When Lanvin hosts a fashion show, their entire team comes to set up the stage and everything else, lack of time didn’t allow us,” said the hostess. The French music, recorded glimpses of fashion shows held all over the world and the open air ambience with the blue lights added to the mood of the collection.

Clad in a casual-formal attire, the guests looked comfortable. From sarees to formal evening wear to smart dresses, it sure did live up to the class, the collection brings along.

The hostess was definitely the ‘bling’ of the evening. With her golden dress and her hair done up, she sure did give a whole new meaning to being chic. There were posters and charts showcasing the Hollywood stars that have taken to the brand.    

The evening also saw the launch of a new drink with interesting cocktails like ‘Tokyo Rose’, ‘Naked Pink Cosmo’, ‘Pinky Royale’ and ‘Pinky Prosecco’. No wonder the guests were in high spirits. But it was the food that had everyone talking. “The prawns were really nice, even most of the other short eats were very tasty,” said a guest.
The evening was enjoyed by all and not a single person left dissatisfied. 

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