QI am 18 years old with a height of 5’.2”. Although I eat and sleep well, my weight keeps fluctuating between 38-40 kg. I am very thin and I feel weak most of the time. Can you please provide me some tips on gaining weight?


If, inspite of eating and sleeping well, you continue to remain thin and feel weak, it looks like you are suffering from a case of worms (e.g. tapeworms) or malabsorption (inefficient enzyme action) to me. Please get yourself checked by a doctor for the same.
 Tapeworms are parasites that cling to the inner section of the colon (transverse colon) and absorb all the nutrients delivered here. As a result they grow very large and long, making it difficult to get rid of them with simple medication (deworming tablets), at times requiring invasive measures (e.g surgery).

 On the other hand, it could be a case of malabsorption of nutrients, where either the villi (primary areas for absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract into the blood) are less in number or malformed, or the output of enzymes (e.g. peptidases/ pancreatic enzymes) is insufficient or inefficient.

 I am certain that once the underlying issues are treated you will automatically reach your ideal weight.

 In general, weight gain is best achieved through healthy food intake and exercise. Ensure that you are eating enough fruit, vegetables, whole grain cereals, lentils, pulses and reduced fat milk and milk products. Be active, go for a walk, get involved in sports (swimming, basketball, throwball), take up dance lessons or aerobics, engage in activities that you consider fun and enjoyable.

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