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Last Updated 13 September 2010, 13:42 IST

The beau

tiful lady, who emerged as the first runner-up at Miss World 2008, speaks her mind, knows her goals and involves herself in what all beauty queens are actually supposed to do — charity.

Being the face of Genesis Foundation, Parvathy dished up a sumptuous meal in the City recently to raise funds for critically-ill underprivileged children. Metrolife caught up with her as she took a break from cooking. The beauty queen spoke at length about her experiences in modelling and now, acting as she is all set to dazzle the silver screen in a movie called United Six.  

Parvathy feels both modelling and acting are challenging in their own ways. “Walking on ramp is challenging because you have to convince the audience to buy the clothes you are wearing. Whereas in acting, you have to convince the people to come and watch your film,” she quips.  

She is excited about her debut United Six, which features six new girls including her. “The entire film was shot in Thailand and we had a blast shopping,” she smiles. Parvathy says she loves travelling. “South Africa is one of my favourite places as I stayed there for more than a month during Miss World 2008.” She adds wishfully, “I would love to go to London someday.”

Denying rumours of herself being cast in the magnum opus Kandahar starring Amitabh Bachchan and Mohanlal, Parvathy says she hasn’t signed any new film. “I am reading scripts though. I want to do films for passion and not just for the sake of being seen on screen.” She is a huge movie-buff and spends her free time watching films. “An actor is complete only when he or she is able to portray all emotions,” she opines. So which emotion has she portrayed in United Six? “It has everything — action, suspense and comedy.”

Parvathy would love to act with Amitabh Bachchan and the three Khans. “Even Ranbir Kapoor is such a good actor,” she gushes. So does winning the crown signify a direct entry into Bollywood? She answers, “It depends on the situation you are in and how comfortable you are. But if you want to get into films, then Miss India does provide an easy accessibility.” But had she always dreamt of being an actress? “I always wanted to be famous,” she laughs.  

Being the first runner up at Miss World 2008, she was just an inch from winning the title of Miss World. Was that disappointing? “Of course,” she is honest. “I would be lying if I say I was not disappointed on not winning. But then, I believe that you don’t get anything more than what you have been destined for.” She sums up, “I have been having great experiences in life so I feel whatever happens, happens for the best.”

(Published 13 September 2010, 13:42 IST)

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