Miniature artist's record act

Zakir has worked as interior decorator for the royal family in UAE

Miniature artist's record act

 ‘Wonder’ful  Zakir Hussain Khan  with his work , a man carved in Pencil lead and chain in a tooth pick. He is attempting to get an entry in Guinness Book of World Records. DH photoBut, twenty one year old Zakir Hussain Khan, a miniature artist from the City, has just taken away the record for the most number of chain-links on a toothpick from another city artist Mallikarjuna Reddy. And, what’s more, it only took five and a half hours of his undivided attention.

The Guinness Record for the most number of chain links on a toothpick is 28 achieved by Mallikarjuna Reddy in 2005. But Khan has carved out 30 and says “I have approached the Guinness people for an entry into their records and they have informed me that the process will take two months.”

An artist from tender age

Khan, who has been a miniature artist from the age of 13 is also a self taught interior decorator and has worked for some of the biggest names both in India and abroad. “As an interior decorator I have worked for the royal family in the United Arab Emirates and also some corporate tycoons from Bangalore,” he says.

He thanks his father Shafiullah for the encouragement he has received and wants to move into wax sculpting in the future.

“My father has always encouraged me even when I chose to drop out of college and pursue this. And now I want to emulate the work done at Madame Tussauds and he still believes I can do it.”

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