Now, pre-paid digital meters to conserve electricity in B'lore

 If and when it takes off, the wonder-gadget would, hopefully, go a long way in conserving power, besides allowing energy providers to curtail power pilferage.

The gizmos, that will essentially perform the function of sophisticated meters, have been installed in some industrial units and about a 100 individual households on an experimental basis. If incorporated, the meters, developed by a City-based firm, Secure Meters Limited (SML), even promise to minimise billing errors due to misquoting of consumption patterns.

 Developed by using a TDES code, the device is said to be tamper-proof.  A 20-digit life-time code would be given to consumers who prefer to make use of it. Incidentally, the device is reportedly in use in several countries, including the United States, South Africa, Poland, and Austria.

Mode of payment

The meter could be recharged through an SMS or by online payment. Consumers who frequently use electrical durables will receive an update of their daily and weekly consumption. The consumption pattern over the previous six months could also be tracked.

“Even details like how much energy each machine, air-conditioner or any other equipment consumes can be ascertained by just a click of a button,” explained Rajaram, Deputy General manager, SML.

It is claimed that the device will save upon the three-monthly minimum deposits (3MMD) required to be paid to power companies for connection and reminds the consumer to recharge.  

Check on power theft

Even power companies, striving to prevent power thefts, could benefit. The long process of generating bill and invoices, billing errors and theft can be monitored.

 “It is indeed a good instrument and is proving beneficial to me. I get to know all the information regarding my load pattern and consumption,” said an industrialist M G Prabhakar, whose premises hosts an installation.

Laghu Udoyg Bharati president H V S Krishna said the meter could be instrumental in planning power consumption. Krishna, however, wanted the State Government to encourage installations by announcing certain incentives to industries which uses them. BESCOM officials said that the installations were under observation and a final word on marketing it widely would be taken later once they are satisfied with its functioning.

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