More privileged than others

More privileged than others

Additional benefits

More privileged than others

During college days, every student wants to be popular in his or her peer group.

Usually, students who are good at studies, cultural activities and sports enjoy special recognition, both from students and staff.

Students, who win sports events for the college at university levels, become overnight heroes and are entitled to many benefits from the college such as attendance incentives, special classes and concession in fees.

Do these special benefits make them feel superior to other students and lessen their interest in academics? Yashas, a first year B Com student of PES Degree College, who has secured the second prize at Bangalore University swimming competition, says that though he enjoys the special identity, it is not easy to juggle sports and academics.

“I have been practising swimming for the last 15 years. At one point of time, my health was affected because of swimming in chlorinated pools. It is the passion for the game that has kept me practising till today. It’s not for popularity or for special benefits,” he says. “It is true that we get attendance relief to take part in competitions and for practice sessions. But if we misuse it, we are the ones who ultimately suffer.”

Arpita, a commerce student, who has won many state-level awards at yoga championships feels the same.

“Today, no field is free from competition. Not even sports. If you have to be eligible for government quota, you should win state and national-level competitions. That is not possible for everyone. Hence, we cannot ignore academics for the sake of sports. And each student is endowed with different abilities. If I am good at sports, another student will be good at debating, which I can’t do. So I see no point in feeling superior to others.”

Ruhina, an athlete, claims that as her college is an equal benefactor of her hard work, there is nothing wrong in enjoying additional benefits and status.

“Whenever I win an event, the credit goes to my college also, so what is wrong if I expect reward for my work? I have been enjoying concession in fees for the last three years with additional scholarships. It has drastically reduced the financial burden on my family. I am also good at studies and score more marks than my friends who are not into any extracurricular activities. So, definitely I have a reason to feel superior,” she says.