Chef's impression of Vidhana Soudha in chocolate

Chef's impression of Vidhana Soudha in chocolate

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Chef's impression of Vidhana Soudha in chocolate

The eight ft long, two ft wide chocolate monument was on display at the IT Gardenia through the weekend.

But there was one sour point in this Vidhana Soudha. What was prominently missing was the Ashoka Pillar. A Vidhana Soudha sans the four lions is unimaginable.

It seems Chef Adelbert Bucher (who created the chocolate monument) fell short of time… rather that was the explanation he gave when he was asked why he missed out the Ashoka Pillar.

But given the effort that went into the making of the landmark building in chocolate, the explanation seemed unconvincing.

For someone who took pains to carve out the small little windows and the intricate carvings on its dome that make the Vidhana Soudha grander, it was disappointing that the chef had missed out a prominent part of the structure. 

The chocolate Soudha was unveiled before a select crowd of the rich and the famous of the City. On display also was an array of chocolates and plenty of goodies for all the kiddies who came by. 

The guests ate and drank to their heart's content. Everybody appreciated the 18 hours that the chef had spent on making the monument, “I can't believe the amount of patience and stamina chef would have to build such a massive structure. The intricacies and detailing is amazing. And I am a chocaholic so anything in chocolate excites me," says Nisha Millet, an athlete. Wasim Khan, a well-known photographer thought that it was ok that the chef had missed out the Ashoka Pillar. “This can be chef's interpretation of the Vidhana Soudha," he reasoned. Susan, an expat was overwhelmed by the structure, “to know that the chef has taken so much pains to create something has appears so real is heartening," she says.

The kiddies didn't miss out on their share of fun. There were a few games and other knick-knacks that were given away to keep the
children engaged.