Men and their mane

Men and their mane


Men and their mane

The slightly tousled look can be achieved with styling products.

Grooming products and salon treatments for men have increased at a phenomenal pace over the last decade. Men are as conscious as women when it comes to their hair, feet and face.

Healthy, well-groomed hair requires regular care with the help of the appropriate products. Air pollution and grime causes dirt to collect easily on the scalp. Hair needs to be washed daily, especially in humid weather, provided one uses a mild shampoo. If you use hairstyling aids, like styling gel, then shampooing is all the more essential.

Among men, dandruff is a common problem and so is hair loss. Hair loss is usually caused due to hormonal imbalances. Herbal hair tonics and clinical treatments have helped control hair loss and dandruff to a small extent. It is also important to be selective about the grooming products one uses, like gels and creams.

There is no doubt that hair makes a tremendous difference to an individual’s appearance. In fact, finding the right hairstyle is probably the first step to good grooming.

Recently, very short hair was in fashion for men and the trend is still in vogue. Short hair is easy to care for, especially in summer. Men have found that short hair best covers up a receding hairline! It makes thinning hair look less obvious. As far as short hairstyles are concerned, crew cuts are in fashion. The crew cut suits those with an oval face. If you have big ears, a long nose or a very large head, avoid crew cuts, as these features will seem too obvious.

Among short hairstyles, the spiked look is still popular, especially among young men. It is worn short at the sides and the back. The top layers are left long and are then styled with gel or wax into a spiked mohawk.

Another popular hairstyle is where the hair on top is layered and brought forward, towards the forehead. The texture is rugged and this style suits those with wavy hair.
A lot of young men have been seen sporting a fringe. The fringe may be worn in varied lengths. In fact, the side-swept fringe is said to be catching on among men too, as it is among women.

The classic look is back too. The hair is worn short, with a side parting and slicked back neatly. It’s a traditional style worn by Hollywood stars of the ’60s, like Cary Grant.
Another look that men can try is the slightly tousled look. For this, medium-length hair is styled with soft gel but not neatly combed into place. Of course, it is not really natural, but styled to look that way. Hairstyling products can be used to achieve the look. As far as hair colour is concerned, streaked hair has gone out of fashion.

Subtle, darker and more natural hair colours are in. But it is important to pick a style that suits your face.

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