Ande ka Funda? Fevicol joins FaceApp bandwagon

Image Credit: Fevicol's official Twitter handle

The FaceApp has taken the internet by storm the past two days, with Twitter especially going gung-ho over it. The app, which takes a user's photo and rehashes it to reveal what they might look like when they turn old.

With everyone from regular users to celebrities posting their FaceApp photos online, it seems like the Twitter handles of companies are not left too far behind. Fevicol tweeted out a meme yesterday, with the caption- 'Kya hai iss ande ka funda?'  


For those who are unaware, Fevicol had released a television advert several years back, wherein a cook tries to break an egg, but after multiple attempts cannot do it. It is then discovered that the hen who laid the egg was eating its feed out of a used Fevicol box. The advertisement had been a huge hit when it was released, and the tweet acted as a nice moment of nostalgia for kids and adults alike.


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