'Asur' makes for a decent watch

'Asur’ review: This Voot Select original clicks with the target audience

Asur is a Voot offering

Cast: Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti and Sharib Hashmi

Rating: 3/5


The Voot Select original Asur is an ambitious and reasonably engaging show that hits the right notes despite not being everyone’s cup of tea. The series revolves around what happens when a “lecturer” is forced to confront a past under shocking circumstances. The plot incorporates elements from mythology and this helps it make a strong impact. The screenplay relies on “showing” as opposed to “telling, resulting in a comprehensive viewing experience.

The opening sequence of Asur is quite compelling and works with its dark feel. The gruesome scene involving the murder of a key character has been executed well and might give fans the chills. Similarly, the “twist” towards the end of the third episode delivers the goods.

The intense ‘Nikhil in captivity’ track too is a highlight of Asur and sets the mood for what is to follow.

The same, however, cannot be said about the jail scenes as they have a Criminal Justice hangover. Similarly, the Nagaland track lacks authenticity and feels forced. The ending might leave a section of the audience with mixed feelings.

Coming to performances, Barun Sobti is the heart and soul of Asur and steals the show with his spot on expressions. He is particularly good in the captivity scenes. Arshad Warsi complements the television star quite well while shifting gears when needed. The actor’s Impressive energy level adds a new dimension to his character.

Sharib Hashmi too does justice to his role despite getting relatively less screen time. The supporting cast, featuring Anupriya Goenka and Riddhi Dogra, serves its purpose.

The background music is not as effective as expected. While it makes an impact in some segments, it falls flat in others and robs Asur of its sheen. The sound design is decent and ups the shock value associated with a few scenes.

The other technical aspects have been handled adequately.

All in all, Asur is a bold attempt that is likely to find decent patronage on the OTT circuit.

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