EXCLUSIVE | We are unique, so enjoy life: SRK

EXCLUSIVE | We are unique, so enjoy life: SRK

Interview with Shah Rukh Khan as he prepares for release of 'Zero' on Dec 21

An interview with Shah Rukh Khan as he prepares for the release of Zero on December 21. Photo by Imtiyaz Shaikh

Zero is about the life of Bauua Singh, a short man from Meerut who, after having difficulty finding a marriage partner, meets Aafia Bhinder, a space scientist with cerebral palsy. The two fall in love. However, the story does not end there as Babita, actor and dazzling beauty gets close to him. A love triangle follows.

 Ahead of the release of the film, its hero Shah Rukh Khan, 52, speaks to Mrityunjay Bose in Mumbai.

DH: What is the message that Zero gives?

SRK: The film is unique. In fact, we all are very unique. The film is all about that. We are all different. We are not same, but there is some uniqueness about everyone. The film is about Bauua Singh, who is short, which is considered a form of a challenge. He meets, Aafia, who is challenged because of cerebral palsy. Then there is Babita, and it is about emotions. I am sure the audience would love it. It’s not a typical film, it’s different. 


DH: Zero is being dubbed as your most expensive film. What are the challenges you have faced in the last couple of years?

SRK: The film is unique in many respects. First of all, I had to be shown as dwarf. In terms of technology and skills, it’s a trendsetter. Shooting was exciting. We have given our heart and soul. The team has worked hard. When I heard the script, I just said yes. There is lot of love, fun. Why should I be doing the same kind of films? I had done action, romance, comedy, sports and people have loved me. I will continue to do films that interest me. I have been acting for 30 years. I will continue to give interesting movies. 


DH: What is the central theme of the movie?

SRK: Everyone feels that he or she is somewhat less. Some feel about their complexion, some feel about their weight, some about their physique and looks, some feel about their earnings.  It’s a race. The God Almighty has given us one life. Let’s look beyond deficiencies. Let’s feel that all of us are unique, life would be much more easier, much more enjoyable, thrilling.  The larger theme is, ‘Let us believe in our uniqueness.’ 


DH: Is it about conquering disability?

SRK: It’s about your own uniqueness. You need to identify it. Everyone cannot be Bill Gates, everyone cannot be Usain Bolt, everyone cannot be an Ambani. There are handicaps and challenges. We all are human beings, the real thing is celebrating equality. 


DH: As you said, there is lot of technology in the film.

SRK: We need to understand that action is not technology. Action can be enhanced by technology. In fact, in Hindi movies and the Indian film industry, we need to increase the use to technology and make it more interesting. 

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