Ram Gopal Varma announces movie titled 'Sasikala'

Ram Gopal Varma announces movie titled 'Sasikala', to release before Tamil Nadu elections

Tamil Nadu politician Sasikala is likely to be out on bail on or before January 2021

Ram Gopal Varma (R) and Sasikala (L).

Ram Gopal Verma is no stranger to controversies and eye-catching statements.

That is why, when he announced on his Twitter handle that he will be making a film titled Sasikala, which is also the name of the Tamil Nadu politician who will be probably out on bail on or before January 2021, everyone went into a tizzy, questioning and speculating the content of the film.

"Making a film called SASIKALA.. it’s about what a woman S and a man E did to a Leader ..Film will release before TN elections on the same day as the biopic of the Leader," he wrote.

The tweet has another interesting part. He ended his statement with an ancient Tamil saying, "It is easiest to kill when you are the closest”. And the picture that he used is of Sasikala standing behind the late Jayalalithaa.

He also tweeted, "SASIKALA is being produced by Rakesh Reddy the producer of Lakshmi’s NTR ..The film will be about a highly complex and conspiratorial relationship between J, S and E P S."

One can only wonder what is going to be the topic of the subject.  But whatever RGV does, it will find its way to the headlines. All eyes are now on the veteran director's next move. And that the film will release just before the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections brings with it a question: How much will the film, if at all released, will influence the electoral proceedings?