Fan goes all out to support PewDiePie against T-Series

Fan goes all out to support PewDiePie against T-Series

It's PewDiePie and fans vs T-Series in this free-for-all to the top of YouTube.

The virtual war on YouTube between Indian record label company T-series and independent YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, who goes by the name PewDiePie, is heating up in the wake of the two channels being neck-and-neck.

However, T-Series has found itself a new opponent on its path to YouTube conquest: PewDiePie's fans.

One YouTuber who goes by the handle MrBeast on YouTube reportedly bought a number billboards, TV ads, radio ads, a newspaper page, bathroom ads and much more to keep his favourite YouTuber on top.




In the video, MrBeast is seen going on interviews on television, doing radio ads, one of which ran "for weeks" according to him.

MrBeast says that India getting widespread Internet access is causing a threat to PewDiePie's position as YouTube's number 1, an honour he has held since he took the seat years ago.

In an earlier video, PewDiePie brought attention to his opinion on T-Series catching up to him.

In the video, PewDiePie said: "I don't really care about T-Series, I genuinely don't, but I think if YouTube does shift in a way where it does feel more corporate, then something else will take its place. I think people enjoy this connection so much, I think something else will just show up if it feels too corporate".

He also said: "I think what bothers me more than things becoming too corporate is YouTubers shilling corporates, if that makes sense. YouTubers just buying into this image that companies want them to be for the sake of being lifted up by them. I mean it's a great business move, and I totally understand why anyone would do it, but to me it's inauthentic."

However, he did ask his Twitter followers if they are doing "their part" in keeping him as YouTube's top channel.



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