Two underrated Oscar winners

Two underrated Oscar winners

Not wanting to just ride the tide of the mainstream media coverage on the Oscars, Showtime looked into two less spoken films awarded at the ceremony.

The first, called ‘Hair Love’, won the prize for the ‘Best Animated Short Film’. The film tells the funny and moving story of a father’s first attempt at tying his little girl’s hair.

The film throws out stereotypes about how the father in a African-American family is “never there”. The humour, especially in the fantastic sequence where you see the father trying to beat the hair in a boxing ring, is great.

The other film, which has received even less love online than ‘Hair Love’, is The Neighbors’ Window’, which won ‘Best Action Short Film’ at the Oscars.

The poignant film looks at an aging couple’s obsession with a 20-something couple whose window they can see through.

The younger couple are seen having sex almost all the time, even using positions that may be a little too ambitious for the older couple.

But the couple realises soon that the voyeur too can be watched, and that there is a cost to not valuing the things you already have.

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