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Hetvi Vashi brings you two colourful stationery items you can make this weekend
Last Updated 25 February 2022, 18:46 IST

Your study hour doesn’t have to be boring. Sometimes just adding colourful and fun stationery items to the desk is enough. Think of accordion-style notebooks, emoji pen holder, and a colourful desktop calendar. Let’s tell you how to make them.

What you will need: A4 papers of different colours, double-sided tape, scissors, glue, pencil, scale, sketch pens and poster paints.

Pen holder

- Cut two papers of different colours. Each measuring 21 cm in length and 12 cm in width.

- Stick the two papers together using glue.

- Next, stick the ends of the paper to form a cylinder. Cut a strip of another coloured paper, 21 cm in length and roll it around one end of the cylinder and glue it.

- Cut out a circle to seal one end of the cylinder. Stick it with glue. This will form the structure of the pen holder. Now, paint and decorate it as you wish.

Paper calendar

- Take an A4 sheet, fold it in half vertically and glue the edges. Fold it in half.

- Then mark 11 cm from the top on both sides and fold the rest inwards to form a triangle. Stick the folded ends.

- Cut a rectangular piece of coloured cardboard to the same width as the bottom of the triangle. Stick it to the end of the calendar holder using double-sided tape. The tape needs to be half the length of the strip.

- Cut another small rectangular piece of coloured paper, write 2022 on it and stick it on the bigger strip. Cut 12 square shapes of white paper and write the dates and days for every month. You can also use different coloured pens to signify holidays and Sundays.

- Place the cards in-between the triangular holder and the paper strip.

- Decorate the pages as you please.

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