‘Fence around Galikere unscientific’

‘Fence around Galikere unscientific’

Chain link mesh installed around Galikere lake at Bababudangiri.

Environmentalists have objected to the manner in which a fence has been erected around the Galikere lake at Bababudangiri.

The fence around the lake by the district administration has not only destroyed the natural look of the lake but also denied animals from accessing the lake water, the environmentalists charged on Thursday.

“Galikere is a natural lake and is situated between hillocks. Wild animals on the hill range visit the lake to quench thirst. The district administration has erected chain link meshes around the lake, under the pretext of preserving the lake. The animals, therefore, cannot cross the fence in the absence of any opening,” the activists asserted.

‘No space’

“A reclining wall was built from Attigundi to Dattapeetha without leaving space for animals to cross the road. This has caused an obstruction to the natural corridors of animals. The Forest Department has turned a blind eye to the installation of such barriers,” they complained.

The environmentalists, in a press release, urged the district administration to create gaps between the fence around the lake so that animals can access the lake water. “Also, gates should be built on the reclining wall to facilitate the movement of animals,” they have demanded.