‘GST is a burden on citizens’

District Congress Publicity Committee president Dhananjay Adpangaya said that GST is a burden on the citizens of India.

Briefing reporters here on Tuesday, he said that even the World Bank has termed GST as the most complex and second highest tax rate in the world. The Central government launched GST with five tax slabs viz nil, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. Of the 115 countries in the world, 49 countries have a single slab of GST, while 28 countries use two slabs, and only five countries including India, use four non-zero slabs. There has been an increased administrative tax compliance burden on firms and locking up of working capital due to slow tax refund processing,” he said.

He said that AICC president Rahul Gandhi has already announced that the Congress will simplify the GST.

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