Homes & Interiors: For sleek & stylish dining tablescapes...

Homes & Interiors: For sleek & stylish dining tablescapes...

Invest in tableware with bold designs and vibrant colours to enhance the tablescape.
Shop for coloured runners, table mats and napkins in different fabrics and textures as these will add colour and pop up your table.

The dinner table may appear as an unassuming piece of furniture, but it’s a place where conversations among family and friends take place, a bond is created along with long-lasting memories. In order to match the excitement, it helps that the dining space is designed beautifully. Today, the most basic dining areas can be transformed into impeccable spaces and serve as an expression of art and personal style. The dinner table is the heartbeat of every home. Thus, it is only appropriate that the dinner table is styled with love, with beauty, as something truly exceptional.

Basics first 

Dinner table designing has graduated from the uncomplicated fork-spoon-knife-plate-glass setup into a far more glamorous and creative arrangement. Tables are festooned with flowers, candles, fabrics, crystals and embellishments. There are no pre-defined rules to style the dinner table, but rather, the only rule is to stay true to your personal sense of style. The location of a dinner table in most homes is central, it is the room that connects the kitchen and entertainment spaces, it is the place that connects the inside to the outside. Hence, the style for the dinner table is largely influenced by the decor of your home, but at the same time not restricted by it.

If you’re doing this for the first time, the thought of styling it may appear daunting. Fret not, it can be easily broken down into a simple process. The first step of styling a dinner table is to ask yourself the 4 W’s — Who? What? When? Where? 

Who are you inviting? What is the occasion? When is it happening? Where in your home is this going to be? The answers to this question will help to guide you towards the type of styling and setup required for the dinner table.

The number of guests you invite helps to decide whether it will be a sit-down or a buffet. The occasion you are celebrating will determine the colour, fabric, flowers and decoration details for your table styling. The mood and lighting for it will depend on whether it is a daytime event or an evening soiree. Garden parties allow for a more natural and rustic table styling whereas indoor parties can have a more intricate and glitzy table setup.

Get styling

Whether you are a novice or an experienced host, there are a few dining essentials that every home should have. Invest in a cutlery and dinner set for 12 to 15 people or as best as your budget allows you. These last for a long time. Choose colours or patterns that are timeless, versatile.   

Pick a few neutral-coloured tablecloths — white, black, navy blue and grey. These will become staples and form the base for all your table styling. Shop for coloured runners, table mats and napkins in different fabrics and textures as these will add colour and pop up your table. Experiment with your glassware as they enhance your table decor. Tableware decorative items — flower vases, glass jars, candle stands and candles make for excellent pieces and enhance the overall look. Choose these decor elements in metallic, neutral colours so that they can be used for diverse themes and arrangements.

Getting the dinner table look right involves the most important aspect of all — adding your own creativity. With so many inspiring photos and tutorials, it can be a bit daunting and leave you with the feeling that you need to go out there buying everything in that photo. In reality, it is the simplest of touches that make a huge difference and these can be found right in your own home without breaking the bank.

Tie your napkins with simple coloured ribbons, use large coffee table books to create levels at your dining table. Pretty cushion covers laid together to make a fabulous table runner and natural elements like flowers or greens from your garden are the perfect way to infuse your table decor with individuality. If you have young kids at home, ask them to write out dinner menus for your sit-down dinner, your guests will love the personalised touch.

The dinner table has become more than just a piece of furniture, it fuels social and family bonding. Seated at the dinner table, memories are created that last a lifetime. Let the celebrations be special — on that beautifully laid down dinner table with flowers, candles and colour.

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