'BJP today one-man show, two-man army'

Last Updated 29 December 2018, 18:46 IST

Four-term BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha has been termed a ‘rebel’ after he frequently questioned Modi-Shah leadership duo. “I have nothing personal against Modi. All I have done is to show a mirror to my party leadership,” the Shatru tells DH’s Abhay Kumar.

Do you think that after the defeat of the BJP in the three Hindi heartland states, Narendra Modi is fast turning into a liability for the party?

Not only three states, we fared poorly in Mizoram and Telangana, too. So, you can call it 5-0. So far as Modi is concerned, it won’t be fair on my part to call him a liability, because he is my leader and my prime minister as well.

But you have, of late, been highly critical of Modi and Amit Shah?

I have nothing personal against them. All I have done is to show them the mirror. This government came to power riding popular sentiments but did precious little for common man in the last 55 months.

It wrecked the economy through the ill-advised demonetisation and then added insult to injury through faulty implementation of GST.

It’s the common man in general and traders in particular who punished the BJP in the recent elections -- from Karnataka to Mizoram.

Why blame Modi for the loss in assembly polls?

Agar taali captain ko, toh gaali bhi captain ko (If applause is for the captain, then criticism, too, is for the captain).

Nowadays, even Nitin Gadkari has started reiterating what I have been saying for long -- that the top leadership should accept responsibility for the defeats. But in the present BJP, it’s a one-man show and two-man army.

Will BJP give you ticket for 2019 LS polls?

Rephrase your question and ask whether Shatrughan Sinha will accept the BJP ticket in 2019 or not!

Which essentially means you could be a ‘Grand Alliance’ nominee next year?

We will cross that bridge when we come to it. Till then, khaamoshh!

(Published 29 December 2018, 18:05 IST)

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