Imphal brothers open free hospital in memory of sister

Last Updated 18 October 2019, 03:09 IST

Thoibi Ningthoujam of Manipur died in 1989 due to typhoid, as there was no government hospital near her home and her poor father could not afford to take her to a private one. She was just three years then.

Thirty years later, her three brothers have set up a 50-bed private hospital at the state capital Imphal in memory of their sister, where treatment will be provided free of cost from November 1.

Three businessmen brothers - Surjit Ningthoujam, Kumarjeet Ningthoujam, and Hemjit Ningthoujam - say their effort is to make sure that no other resident living in remote parts of Manipur suffers due to lack of treatment facilities or affordability.

Price of the medicines will only be charged from those availing treatment, while doctor's fees, bed rent, nursing charge or diagnosis will be free of cost.

Free ambulance pick up/drop will also be provided for those who don't have a proper conveyance to visit the hospital, Surjit, one of the directors of Yelhoumee Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, the company under which the hospital will operate, told DH on Thursday.

The hospital, to be inaugurated on November 1, will start functioning with three doctors, seven nurses, one pharmacist, and two cleaners.

"There will be X-ray and Ultrasound machines. Treatment for general medicine and orthopedic will be our core focus as of now. Doctors and nurses have been provided training to serve the people as a charity, not like private hospitals, where big bills are generated after treatment. There will be no cash counter and no bill will be generated," Surjit said.

When asked about the sustainability of the hospital, Surjit said, "We are planning to pay the salaries for nurses, pharmacist, and cleaners from the revenue generated from the sale of medicines. The salary for doctors will be paid from the pocket of three directors (three brothers) in the initial stage. Later, we are planning to generate revenue from home sample collections, sales of medical devices and equipments"

"People have been treating hospitals and clinics as business houses. We would like to change the concept of treating healthcare as a business. We believe that healthcare is a basic human right and hospitals and clinics are temples. We would like to make Yelhoumee Health Care a model hospital or a polyclinic," Surjit said.

(Published 17 October 2019, 13:44 IST)

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