‘Allow heads of cultural bodies to complete full term’

Last Updated 31 December 2019, 17:02 IST

Rangayana Director Addanda Cariappa said that heads of cultural organisations such as Rangayana should be allowed to complete their full term irrespective of which party comes to power.

He was speaking to media people after assuming charge as director here on Tuesday.

“The offices of the cultural bodies are not offices of profit. The directors, mostly artistes, will have set targets to be achieved for three years of their terms. If the directors are changed abruptly, their work will remain half done. It is a loss to art and culture of the state and its people,” Cariappa said.

Admitting that he aspired to be the director of Rangayana, given his service to theatre he said, “I know that I am not either the first or the last director of Rangayana. I am grounded. Having worked in theatre for four decades, I know that it is teamwork. The management of Rangayana is also teamwork. All that I am today is because of theatre. So, I will give my best to Rangayana and theatre”.

“Artistes who have seen theatre outside Mysuru know that Rangayana has the best infrastructure for development of the art form. While Rangayana has three auditoria in Bhoomigeetha, Sriranga and Vanaranga, the Kannada and Culture department has Kalamandira, Kirurangamanidra and also an open-air theatre on the same premises,” Cariappa said.

He said, in Kannada, theatre is termed ‘Rangabhoomi’, where ‘bhoomi’ means farmland. “So, theatre is like agriculture in Indian culture. While farming is essential for physical health, theatre is essential for education. Theatre persons should behave with responsibility,” he added.

Cariappa did not hide his political affiliation and activities. He said that political awareness is important for every person in a democracy and he has his own choices. “During elections, I supported candidates, who I felt were good for the society,” he said.

(Published 31 December 2019, 16:44 IST)

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