Boeing along with Embraer to take on Airbus-Bombardier

Last Updated : 14 July 2018, 16:16 IST

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With Boeing announcing its intention to form a joint venture with Brazil's Embraer last week, the giant might turn the world's other source of regional jets.

Given this fact, it looks like Airbus, which has lost a considerable share of its orders to Boeing recently, is going to be laid out with a fair competition by the giant.

Srinivasan Dwarakanath, president, Airbus Commercial Aircraft, said Airbus' tie-up with Bombardier last October had given them aircraft in every segment that they can compete with the Boeing-Embraer giant.

"Boeing responded to the Airbus–Bombardier coupling by announcing its own joint venture with Embraer. It will definitely lay out a competition for us. There are consolidations that are happening to us. But our tie-up with Bombardier has given us aircraft in every segment, including the Bombardier C series regional jets. We are also a dominant supply in a single-aisle market. So, we will bring it on," he said.

He further said that Airbus had a huge market in India. "Airbus enjoys 65%-70% of the market share. We have a good market share in the country, including a huge backlog. We have more than 530-550 aircraft to deliver," he added.

Boeing's tie-up with Embraer is not a done deal yet. According to sources, the Brazilian planemaker might supposedly get 20% of the joint venture with Boeing, if that endures.

Published 14 July 2018, 16:03 IST

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