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Last Updated 27 September 2018, 17:27 IST

Actor Praveen Jain started off as a model. He has worked in more than 30 different ad campaigns which include Unicef Pulse Polio, Rexona, Canon, Philips, Pepperfry. He has also been part of reality shows like ‘Truth Love Cash’ and ‘Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi’, where Poonam Pandey was his partner. He has been a part of short films like ‘Kaleidoscope’ and ‘Time Machine’. Praveen was also seen in the recently released Kannada film ‘Onthara Bannagalu’.

He says:

"Weekends are a luxury for people like me in showbiz. There will always be some project that keeps us busy. But if I have been away from home for a month, or sometimes longer, I make sure that I spend some time at home at least for a couple of days. Since I live with my family, I spend time with my parents, Jethmal and Saroj Jain, brother Naveen, sister-in-law Sapna and nephew Khushaal.

In between family time, I also try a lot to meet my friends.

I love cycling. My cousin and I often go on rides. It feels nice to be close to nature. It is a great way to channel one’s energy and feel fresh. Cycling to Turahalli forest from home is usually our route.

On Saturdays, my brother’s family and I love watching films at home. Sometimes we head to the theatres too. Once the movie is over, we head out for a meal and talk about everything under the sun. On some days, our cousins hang out with us. I am the only one in the entertainment industry, so our conversations are just about anything.

My friends and I love exploring new places. After working in the movies, Hitha Chandrashekar, Kiran Srinivas, Prathap and Sonu Gowda and I have become good friends. We love discovering new places when we are together. Skyye is my favourite lounges in the city. The view of the city, especially at night, is awesome. If we have the time, we plan trips as well.

I have two kittens at home, Sulthan and Duchess. Even though it was my nephew who brought them home, I take care of them. They don’t even eat if
I don’t come and pet them in the morning. They love having me around all the time.

When my friends and cousins meet, we play cricket.

I’m the kind of person who is always looking for ways to stay active. I did a mountaineering course in Manali a while back. Since then, I look forward to climbing mountains in Himachal Pradesh and Leh-Ladakh. I want to explore places in the south of the country soon. It’s not an easy task to climb a mountain, no matter how strong you are. Whenever I feel low or need the strength to build that strength from within, I head to the mountains.

Goa and Kerala are other favourite destinations of mine. I love the beaches in Goa and the greenery of Munnar and Wayanad.

Whether it’s the weekend or not, I never miss working out. I exercise five days a week and spend almost two hours at the gym. I guess you can call me a fitness freak! There have been situations where somebody from the gym had to push me out as I didn’t want to stop. More than lifting weights, I love freehand workouts like pull-ups and chin-ups.

I love my time alone, especially at night. It is the best time to reflect on oneself. I like watching documentaries and motivational videos so that I can prepare for the next day.”

(Published 27 September 2018, 12:23 IST)

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