Man kills alcoholic son, burns his body in farmland in Bengaluru

The deceased's face was disfigured, and the hands were found tied behind the back, with a burnt cloth tied around the neck.
Last Updated : 02 July 2023, 02:31 IST

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A tragic incident unfolded in Bengaluru Rural district on Thursday night when a 58-year-old man allegedly murdered his 29-year-old alcoholic son and burned the body. The victim, identified as Adarsha J, resided in Vanigarahalli and worked as a driver. The accused, Jayaramaiah, a farmer, is the father of Adarsha. The shocking discovery was made by villagers on Friday morning, prompting immediate police intervention.

Local authorities were notified around 6.15 am on Friday after villagers stumbled upon a charred body on Jayaramaiah's property. The deceased's face was disfigured, and the hands were found tied behind the back, with a burnt cloth tied around the neck.

According to a complaint filed by V Srinivasa Murthy, Jayaramaiah's son-in-law, the accused confessed to the crime, stating that he killed his son due to frequent assaults on him and his wife Suma, 48, under the influence of alcohol. Adarsha was admitted to the de-addiction centre twice but couldn't quit alcohol.

Initial investigations revealed that Adarsha had an irregular work history as a cab and auto-rickshaw driver. His earnings were primarily spent on partying, and he often pressured his parents to provide him with money for purchasing liquor.

Jayaramaiah, who owns land in the village, and Suma, who works at an anganwadi school, endured Adarsha's violent behavior. On June 29, Adarsha assaulted his mother when she refused to give him money for alcohol.

Later that evening, Adarsha attacked his mother again, dragging her out of the house and assaulting her with a stone. Suma sustained head injuries and lost consciousness.

Upon learning about the assault, Murthy rushed to Jayaramaiah's residence and found Suma lying outside the house while Adarsha continued to beat her. With the assistance of his elder brother and cousin, Murthy intervened, stopping the assault, and promptly took Suma to a nearby hospital. She was later transferred to Nimhans, where she received treatment and was discharged.

Some villagers claim that Adarsha was assaulted by two others near the bar. Investigations are on.

Published 01 July 2023, 16:21 IST

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