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Last Updated 12 October 2010, 10:49 IST

The participants battled it out for the top slot of the championship by displaying their creativity, dexterity and agility in the dance form. The event was a perfect outlet for the contestants to express their artistic and creative abilities in front of a large audience.

As the event progressed, Bboy Hera, Bboy Ninja and hip-hop trainer Anto judged the dancers for their showmanship. As the host of the event called out the names, the two contestants positioned themselves at the opposite ends of the dance floor which was nothing but a ‘circle’ of the basketball court.

Once the music started, the two opponents indulged in a dancing battle which contained verbal smack, jostling and chest thumping in an effort to outdo the other person. It was not in anyway less explosive than a WWF match. However, their dance ended with hugs and handshakes.

Before the battle began, a percussion group Beat Gurus based in the City entertained the crowd with their lively music.  They performed on African hand drum called ‘Djembe’ and made use of some other African tribal instruments. Their compositions were also inspired by African tribal music and had a slight modern touch to them. 

Out of 35 bboyers, who took part in the championship, the three people who made it to the finals were Bboy Bunny from Mumbai, Shane from Goa and Nas from Bangalore. After an intense competition in the finals, Bboy Bunny emerged victorious outclassing the other two.

“I have participated in a number of events so far but none of them was organised in this way. I got a chance to meet the best bboyers from South India on this platform. It was a tough fight and was really challenging,” said Bunny, after receiving the award.

Apart from bboying, there were other entertaining programmes which kept the crowd cheering. Graffiti Dance group from HipHop India did a fabulous performance to hip-hop numbers.

“Bboying culture has been picking up well in India. But people, who are seriously into bboying, are not getting recognised properly. So, this championship was a small effort to push forward the hip-hop culture in India and to honour the people who are into it,” briefs Sritheren from HipHop India, who organised the event.  

(Published 12 October 2010, 10:49 IST)

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