Road cave-in near Kundanahalli jams traffic

Last Updated 21 August 2019, 19:30 IST

A massive traffic jam on the roads along Kundanahalli and Whitefield left several commuters frustrated on Wednesday morning, as the stretch of road before Graphite India caved in.

Greeted by the pile-up, office goers around Kundanahalli and Whitefield took to social media after spending over 30 minutes to cross a three-kilometre stretch.

“Due to collapse in EPIP there is a massive #trafficjam from graphite junction to Kundanahalli Junction. If you have not yet started for work or if you can avoid going towards please do,” (SIC), read a tweet by Dipesh Khona.

Commuters also shared the screenshots of maps to indicate the stretches of congested roads in the area.

The map showed 36 minutes to cover the three-kilometre distance from Capgemini Technology Services India Limited to V S R convention hall, nearly 30 minutes more than the usual time.

“#BengaluruTraffic promotes a healthy lifestyle! This morning the Marathalli Bridge was so clogged, that walking was faster but exciting with 2 wheelers on the footpath,” read a tweet by Kaushik Murali.

An official from Bengaluru Traffic Police-South East attributed the traffic jam to the works by Bescom that was left incomplete.

Road dug up

“They dug up the road last night and it was covered with mud. After rains, the road caved in, leaving three vehicles stranded in the slush. We were informed about this late and we decided to divert the traffic onto other roads,” he said.

The police also said the road was redone with the help of the BMRCL employees and it took till 2 pm for them to restore traffic.

(Published 21 August 2019, 19:13 IST)

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