Singer Vishal Mishra’s new track is about love

It talks about disappointment and heartbreak
Last Updated 17 August 2021, 07:06 IST

Award-winning singer and composer Vishal Mishra has just released his new track, 'Woh Chaand Kahan Se Laogi' on Vyrl Originals.
The video features the actor Urvashi Rautela and television actor Mohsin Khan. Penned by Manoj Muntashir, the song talks about sorrow and the pain of a heart-broken lover. It has already caught the fancy of music lovers. Vishal chats with Metrolife about the making of the song and more.

Tell us about your latest single and what inspired you to write it.

This song is written from the heart. I believe that music is a universal language, one that everybody can relate to and express in. My latest offering, ‘Woh Chaand Kahan Se Laogi’ talks about falling in love, the pain, joy and also the heartbreak. There are some emotions and thoughts that can’t be conveyed directly, but through song and music.

What kind of themes do you like writing about?

My songs are not theme-based, it is what I feel and I capture what I see around me in my songs. I have made so many songs during this lockdown and got so many messages from fans and people who said that my songs left a positive impact on them. In their words — it had a healing effect. Most of my songs stem from my observation of the people I am with, their vulnerabilities and their thought processes.

How different is making independent albums and film music?

When it comes to film music, you have to follow the script and adhere to certain guidelines, there are boundaries that you cannot cross. Independent music gives you the freedom to move in any direction. The music comes from your heart, your soul and represents what you want to convey. I enjoy sailing in both the boats. For instance, when I made music for ‘Notebook’, I stepped into the shoes of a Kashmiri and looked at what kind of music might resonate there, when I did ‘Kabir Singh’, I delved into the life of a medical student in Delhi and looked at the script from that perspective.

How tough is it for independent musicians to get through these times?

I don’t believe in being typecast either as an independent or a film musician. I am just a singer, songwriter and composer, who does film and music independently. During the pandemic, I did less of film music but started working on some projects in hand. Some of the songs that I made like ‘Muskurayega India’, ‘Maanjha’, ‘Aaj Bhi’, ‘Humko Tum Mil Gaye’ did well. I sailed around the world through my songs and the high point is that my music has given comfort to people during this pandemic.

What is your mantra to standing out in the crowd?

I don’t have any mantra. You have to simply follow your heart. You must attempt to strike a balance between hard work and honesty. If you feel you are honest enough, follow your passion and if your art is from your soul, then you will surely stand out among hundreds of musicians. I have not set any goals for myself, I love making music.

(Published 27 November 2020, 19:03 IST)

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