Daivaradhane a multifaceted art: Erya

Last Updated 18 June 2019, 18:46 IST

Performing Daivaradhane (spirit worship) on stage for exhibition is inappropriate, folklore expert and writer Erya Lakshminarayana Alva said.

He was addressing the gathering after inaugurating the Udupi district unit of Karnataka Janapada Parishat at MGM College.

“Daivaradhane is an art form for worship in Tulu Nadu. It is a multifaceted art form and should not be exhibited. Those who are interested in Daivaradhane should visit the place where the worship is undertaken. The dialogue, costume, facial paint and performance by the ‘Daiva’ varies from each demi-god. There is no uniformity in the art,” he explained.

He said that there are many works related to folk art forms in Tulu. “A book with over a 1,000 proverbs has been published. There is still a need to translate Paddanas of Tulu into the English language. There is also a need to conduct a study on the folk art forms to know the culture, methods of worship and traditions of Tulu Nadu,” Erya added.

State Finance Commission former president A J Kodgi said that there is a need to preserve folk forms.

‘Organise training’

Folk scholar Prof Gananatha Ekkar hoped that the Parishat’s new unit will organise seven to 10 days of training camp for youth. “Such camps will help youth to learn and understand folk culture and inculcate the values in them,” he stressed.

Parishat president T Thimme Gowda presided over the programme.

Ravichandra and team performed ‘Dolu’; Vijaya Kumar and team presented ‘Kangeelu Kunitha’; Guruva Koraga and team presented ‘Dolu’; Hamjad presented ‘Daff’; Sharath and team performed ‘Aati Kalanje’; Harish Malpe presented ‘Karaga Kolata’; Saraswathi Janapada Kala Tanda presented ‘Pooja Kunita’; Puneeth and team presented ‘Kamsaale’ and ‘Veeragase’; Santhosh and team presented ‘Hulivesha’; Mallikarjuna Kudubi Janapada Kala Tanda presented ‘Gumate Kunitha’; Kundapura Janapada Kala Tanda presented ‘Hoovina Kolu’; and Bengre Kala Tanda presented ‘Halakki Suggi Kunitha’.

(Published 18 June 2019, 18:30 IST)

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