Huthari observed with traditional fervour in Kodagu

Last Updated 30 November 2020, 17:30 IST

The Codava National Council (CNC) led by its president N U Nachappa celebrated Huthari, the harvest festival of Kodagu, at a paddy field of Nandineravanda Uthappa, in Chikkabettageri village near Kushalnagar in Kodagu on Monday.

This is for the 27th year that the Huthari Namme is being observed together by the CNC.

The CNC members wore traditional attire and participated in the festival.

By cutting paddy sheaves, the members celebrated the festival in a traditional manner.

The members offered prayers to the gods and initiated the process of Huthari celebrations by ‘Nere Kattuva’ ritual.

In the ‘Nere Kattuva’ rituals, the leaves of Arali, mango, jackfruit, Kumbali and cashew nut trees were used.

After the ritual, the members walked in a procession to the paddy field accompanied by the ‘Dudikottpat’.

After firing thrice in the air, they offered puja to the paddy fields and paddy sheaves were cut.

While cutting paddy sheaves, the participants raised slogans of, “Poli poli deva polioo baa deva...”

Later, the paddy sheaves were brought back to the house and puja rituals were conducted.

The CNC members presented traditional Kolata, Pareya Kali, Chowkata and others on the occasion.

Later, they relished rice payasa, ‘Thambittu’, ‘Kadubu’ ‘Pandikari’ and other delicacies.

Public holiday

Speaking on the occasion, CNC president N U Nachappa said that the state government declaring holiday for Puthari Namme in Kodagu is one of the achievements of the CNC’s struggle.

The government should declare a public holiday across the state, he demanded.

The CNC has been observing Puthari Namme for the last several years to bring rituals associated with it to the notice of the government.

“By showcasing our rituals, we can assert our rights,” he added.

(Published 30 November 2020, 17:11 IST)

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