Tell where to send cash: BSY to MLA son

Transcription of the full audio of the conversation between Yeddyurappa and Sharanagouda Kundkur
Last Updated : 14 February 2019, 06:35 IST

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The controversial audio clip, a portion of which was released by Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy last week, has created political ripples across India. The JD(S) on Wednesday released the full 80-minute recording, purportedly of BJP state president B S Yeddyurappa and BJP legislator Shivanagouda Naik trying to lure Sharanagouda Kundkur, son of JD(S) legislator Naganagouda Kundkur of Gurmitkal. The conversation is said to have taken place at the Devadurga inspection bungalow on the night of February 7. Yeddyurappa has admitted that the voice on the clip was his. Excerpts:

Sharan: Namaskara. Am I troubling?

Naik: No, come.

Sharan: How’s your leg?

Naik: It’s fine. I’ve lost 15 kg. I’ve stopped eating non-vegetarian. I eat only once daily.

Naik: So, Sahebru (Yeddyurappa) has come.

Sharan: Yeah, I had come here (to the temple)...a lot of people gather here.

Naik: I’ve told (Yeddyurappa) that your father is 75-80 years and that he has no political future. I’ve said I’ve seen this boy for 7-8 years. I told him if you want to do anything, consider making this boy a minister. His father is at the end of his political life, so no point in troubling him or roping him in. Give whatever money. Election expenditure will be 25-30. And 25-30 now. This boy will be a minister. He asked how old you are. I said about 30. That was discussed.

Sharan: I don’t know how this will work.

Naik: Now, it's 13 (MLAs). All this time, the atmosphere wasn't conducive.

Sharan: Rajanna called me and asked me to think about this.

Naik: If cash is given 100% and election expenditure is taken care of...it has to be you. You will be minister, you will be the candidate. It's up to you to convince your father. If you say yes, I'll take the responsibility and talk to his (Yeddyurappa’s) son.

Naik: What I'm saying is, there are 10 (MLAs) in Mumbai. Perfect. Three will shift tomorrow. We've tried for another 2, of which one will confirm. Sahebru says that'll be enough. You talk to him once. Only if you find things are perfect, you come. Otherwise, I'll ask you myself not to.

Sharan: What do you suggest?

Naik: All these days, Sahebru tried four times. Today, he has offered prayer to Shivaraya and got blessed from Mundaragi Tatanuru. Tatanuru has blessed him saying he'll become the chief minister. If Gurugalu has said so, it will happen.


Naik: There's no one here now. We've sent everybody away, even the cops.

Sharan: Sahebru, is he alright?

Naik: Yes, he's fine.


Naik: Look around you. Check if anybody is on your tail and get in.

(Vehicle doors close)

Sharan: I was worried someone will see me. My brother said he'll come along. I said no.

Naik: That's okay. I'm like family. We will keep our word.

(Pause with movement)

Naik: Now, talk whatever you want with Sahebru. According to me, there are 10 now. Tomorrow, another three. After 15, they'll be made to resign. To accept resignations, Ramesh Kumar has been fed with money...Rs 50 crore.

Sharan: Oh, to the Speaker? They say he's in Congress' favour.

Naik: No, but money has been fed. He'll accept and throw resignations. If resignations aren't accepted, it'll be shown as Constitutional crisis and Governor's rule will be brought. Then, resignations will made to be accepted through court or whatever. Then, mostly, they'll call for government formation. All this has happened at Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, Governor levels...big levels.

Sharan: Yeah, if they're involved, it can be done.

Naik: High Court, Supreme Court, judges, Speaker’s trouble - what needs to be done, everything has been made ready.

Sharan: But you know, I'm afraid of...

Naik: Look, I was disqualified last time. We were 16 of us. Then, we were adamant. We were removed from the ministry. So, we didn't care about disqualification. We contested again and won.

(Long pause)

Yeddyurappa: So what do you do?

Sharan: I do only this, Sir.

Naik: Full-time politics, Sir. He does all the work in his father's absence. He manages the entire constituency.

Sharan: How's your health, Sir?

Yeddyurappa: Fine.

Sharan: I'd come to Deodurg and was told that you've come to pray.

Yeddyurappa: What's your father's age?

Sharan: 72-73, Sir.

Yeddyurappa: If all goes well, you'll contest.

Sharan: However things go, Sir...I've to see the developments.

Yeddyurappa: Nothing. Everything will be over in four days. Government will be formed, you become a minister and move on. That's all.

Naik: He’s a very dynamic leader, Sir.

Yeddyurappa: We don't have anyone there in that region. If you decide to stand in your father's stead, it'll be easy.

Sharan: I'm scared if I alone will be enough.

Yeddyurappa: Know this...you can see for yourself. Go to Bombay. Dr Sudhakar went there yesterday. Two more will leave tomorrow after the Assembly. You along with two others will make it 13-14 people. We'll need one more. We won't make ministerial promises anymore. It's a divine opportunity. I'll look after you as my own son. Don't break your head. Leave everything to me. Just go. Once I make a promise in life, I never go back or renege.

Naik: We'll talk to Vijayanna (Yeddyurappa’s son Vijayendra), Sir.

Yeddyurappa: Okay. Vijayanna is there. You leave by tomorrow.

Sharan: They say legislators’ membership will go. I'm scared my father will have to go through that at his age.

Yeddyurappa: Siddaramaiah and others...there’s no value to their words. The whips and disqualification they've been saying for three days, no one cares. There are already 11 people.

Naik: You'll make history by making a Veerashaiva as CM. Who is Kumaraswamy and Siddaramaiah? They have no caste, nothing. For us, we'll get the credit that a Lingayat became CM. You'll get that credit. It'll have long life.

Sharan: When discussing all this, they say we'll end up suffering like Shivanagouda and others (disqualification).

Naik: Ours was different. We brought it upon ourselves.

Sharan: But Congress is creating fear for us.

Naik: Sharana, Saheb will take full responsibility. He'll take a bullet, but won't go back on his word.

Sharan: I know, I know.

Naik: We've seen this. He carried the file to make us political secretary. We made the mistake of not following him then. Be strong and take the plunge. Leave the constituency work to us. We will slog. Sir, this boy will conquer the entire Yadgir district. It won't be a problem to make him win. He has the capacity to win on his own. His father won because of him.

Yeddyurappa: Number one, there's no question on going back on my word. Number two, when you come (to Bombay), you'll see for yourself.

Sharan: Tomorrow, they've convened legislature party meet at 9.30 am.

Naik: Let your father attend. You go to Bombay, see things, come back and convince your father to resign.

Sharan: Sir, ours is a Congress fort. You'll know better. Whatever decision I take, I'll need your blessings.

Naik: The opportunity you have to become a minister is because of your good deeds in your past life. I and Raju will come to your constituency and ensure you win. We will fall at feet to make you win. Venkatreddy Mudnal will also work for you.

Yeddyurappa: Look, we're going to take 20 people. Of them, 12 will be made ministers and 8 will be given boards and corporations. Those who are made ministers will be given Rs 10 crore.

Sharan: We'll have to face elections also, Sir.

Yeddyurappa: We will give you Rs 10 crore for that. We'll be in government. We'll do whatever it takes. I'll see you like my sons Raghavendra and Vijayendra. I've given you my word at this time. This will be good for you. Don't waste time. Come to Bombay.

Naik: Trust him. He's like your father. It'll be good for you. You won't find a bigger leader like him in politics.

Yeddyurappa: I've come after worshipping God. You've come at the right time. Your father needn't come. You go.

Sharan: They've issued notices to MLAs today saying it they don't come...

Yeddyurappa: You go to Bombay. By tomorrow evening, it'll be 13-14 people. The 10 who are already there, including the 11th one Sudhakar, they don't care about any whip or notice. There are 11 people right now in Bombay.

Sharan: Will it be enough if I alone come?

Yeddyurappa: Three-four more will come by tomorrow evening. Get your father to resign only after you've seen for yourself. Leave first thing morning.

Naik: I'll take you to Bombay and get your back. Talk to your father and get him ready.

Sharan: We come from a poor, middle-class family. The only thing we’ve earned is name, not money.

Yeddyurappa: Once everything is finalized and even before you become minister, I’ll arrange for Rs 10 crore to be given to you. During elections, you'll be a minister so you can do whatever you want. The government will be ours so we'll take care. Making you an MLA is upon us. Convincing your father is upon you.

Sharan: I'll trust you, Sir. But I don't want to end up neither here nor there if things don't work out.

Yeddyurappa: People have been there in Bombay for 9-10 days now.

Sharan: Anyone from JD(S)?

Yeddyurappa: Narayana Gowda (KR Pet).

Yeddyurappa: Where's JD(S)? It’s only because of people like your father...

Naik: After the government goes, JD(S) will be gone. You're young. You have a long way to go. It's a big deal to become minister so young.

Yeddyurappa: No one from that region will be made minister. It'll be only you. Once all the formalities are done, accept 10. Then do whatever for expenses.

Naik: I'll discuss that, Sir.

Yeddyurappa: He just needs to go and join Vijayendra in Bombay. Whatever decision I make is final. Come, become a minister, take the money and get ready for the election. But you can’t be late. You have to go to Bombay. Talk to your father sensitively.

Sharan: Sir, the Speaker will disqualify...

Yeddyurappa: Speaker, other threats...they don’t care. All your father needs to do is, as soon as 15 MLAs are there, they will resign and your father has to resign. What action can be taken?

Sharan: What if they take action before that?

Yeddyurappa: It can’t happen legally when they resign on their own. Once your father is ready to resign, what action? Any action will be for this term only. Not for future election.

Unidentified man: We will remove the Speaker. Our man will be the Speaker. Legally, they can’t do anything.

Sharan: But disqualification...

Yeddyurappa: No question of disqualification. It can’t be done. Speaker has no such right. I’m telling you.

Sharan: I just don’t want to be in trouble when I face an election.

Yeddyurappa: It’s my responsibility. I’m telling you at this time in front of these people. More than you, it’s important for us. We are 104 plus two independents and that other one...BSP is also coming with us.

Sharan: They say it’ll be an anti-party activity...

Yeddyurappa: What will they do, tell me?

Yeddyurappa: You go to Bombay. Tell us where the cash has to be sent and it will be sent. It’ll be difficult to carry all the way from there.

Naik: Vijayanna has asked me to call him after meeting you.

Yeddyurappa: As per now, it’ll be 17-18 MLAs. Once it is 12-13, we will reach that figure automatically.

Naik: You’ll be Yadgir district in-charge minister. (Turns to Yeddyurappa) He’s a devil, Sir. He’s done padayatra visiting all houses.

Yeddyurappa: All the formalities will be over in 6-7 days. Budget session will go on till Feb 15-16. Till then, it’ll be over.

Sharan: So, should we not attend the session?

Yeddyurappa: Once you are convinced, your father will have to throw his resignation. I’ll tell you our plan - they’ll come here in a special flight and go to the Governor. They’ll say they are 16 wanting to resign and seek police protection while submitting to the Speaker. The Speaker will be lying there since the session is going on. He has to accept. Maximum, he may delay. The only condition is that they have to resign in person.

Naik: Just convince your father. Leave the rest on Sahebru. Okay? Get his blessings.

Yeddyurappa: Don’t break your head. There won’t be trouble.

Naik: Don’t you want to take pride in making someone from your community the CM?

Yeddyurappa: If this wasn’t working out, why’d we trouble you?

Naik: Gather the strength. You’ll have to do something like this once in a lifetime. Don’t worry. We’re with you. Sahebru is with you. Once he gives his word, he won’t go back.

Yeddyurappa: Otherwise, why will I want to spoil your future? So, go to Bombay tomorrow morning.

Naik: We’ll take him to Bombay through another route, Sir. Because they’d have kept watch.

Yeddyurappa: Why? If he wants to go, what’s the problem? If his father wants to go, then yes.

Sharan: They say six BJP MLAs will be poached.

Yeddyurappa: We haven’t sent anyone to a resort. Only some went to Bombay. They can’t touch a single one. We’ve let them free.

Naik: Sir, I’m told by one MLA that the government will fall for certain and that the CM has gone into depression.

Sharan: Sir, the CM’s family helped me with elections, with the expenses.

Yeddyurappa: They must have given you Rs 2-3 crore. Isn’t it?

Sharan: Yes, Sir.

Yeddyurappa: The father and sons...don’t I know their truth?

Yeddyurappa: Alright then.


Yeddyurappa: Ask me whatever it is.

Sharan: Nothing, Sir. Just that when I decide, I’ll need you to help me out with elections.

Yeddyurappa: It’s my responsibility. We’re going to have to win. If we don’t, of what use will be our numerical strength. It’s my responsibility to make you win and take care of your expenses. Don’t worry. You’ve come on a good day. Just come. Okay? God bless.


Naik: You have Yeddyurappa’s commitment. The financial commitment will be his son’s. Talk about money over the phone. Tell us your figure. If it tallies, we will pay you here. We will have the money delivered to your door.

Preetham Gowda (Hassan MLA): “Listen to me. There’s no political future for the JD(S). Deve Gowda’s wicket will fall and Kumaraswamy doesn’t have health. Then, the party will be dismissed. A national party (like the BJP) will last for as long as the sun and moon. I’m a legislator at 36. You’re 30. We have 40 years of politics ahead of us.”

Published 13 February 2019, 14:39 IST

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