Private bus stand in Ajjampura awaits facelift

Last Updated : 01 December 2019, 17:47 IST
Last Updated : 01 December 2019, 17:47 IST

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The Veerayodha D Puttaswamy Memorial Private Bus Stand in Ajjampura is crying for attention.

With the lack of space in the bus stand, there is no proper facility for the parking of the private buses to enable the passengers to board the buses, to travel to various destinations.

Though members of various organisations had installed a water tank at the bus stand for the benefit of the passengers, the authorities removed it during the construction of the bus shelter and failed to replace it. As a result, the passengers are forced to purchase water from shops to quench their thirst.

The private bus stand in Ajjampura is narrow. The drivers have to struggle to enter the bus stand to ferry passengers. Some bus drivers park the buses haphazardly, further aggravating the problem.

Road widening

Moreover, the work on widening of T A H Road adjacent to the bus stand is in progress. As a few shopkeepers had approached the court against widening, the work has stopped from Gandhi Circle-Bus stand-Railway Gate. If the court permits widening of the road, then the area of bus stand will be further shrunk, which will aggravate the problem, said the residents.

Majority of the two-wheeler riders park their vehicles inside the bus stand and inconvenience the passengers. The bus stand also lacks cleanliness and the seating arrangements are damaged.

The stains of pan masala spit all over the walls of the bus stand makes the entire space untidy. Further, drunkards attend nature’s call inside the bus stand, resulting in the entire area reek a nauseating smell.

A few petty shops have also come up on either side inside the bus stand. The owners dump the garbage inside the bus stand itself.

The drains inside the bus stand are filled with garbage and weeds. All the rainwater from Birur-Tarikere-Bukkambudhi road enters the bus stand. There are times when the bus stand will have knee level stagnant water during the rainy season.

Even the public toilets inside the bus stand cry for attention. The roof of the toilet has been damaged and rainwater enters inside. Owing to the lack of cleanliness, passengers think twice before entering the toilet.

Rangaswamy, an Ajjampura resident, said that the bus stand has turned into a shelter for drunkards and destitutes. There is a need to maintain cleanliness.

Ajjampura PDO Srinivas said, “Measures will be taken to repair the bus stand after discussing it in the meeting. Arrangements will be made to provide drinking water facilities.”

Published 01 December 2019, 16:49 IST

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