PU lecturers apprehensive about cut in holidays

Last Updated 18 January 2019, 17:53 IST

Pre-university lecturers in Karnataka have sought the intervention of the chief minister to ensure they get promised number of holidays amid speculation over reduced summer break.

With rumours afloat that the PU classes in both government and private institutions would commence in the first week of May, lecturers are a worried lot.

PU lecturers are entitled to a total of 60 days of holidays a year. This year, teachers got 15 days of holiday during the midterm exams. Another 45 days are pending. These holidays are to be taken generally towards the end of the academic year.

Even before the PU Board put out its official calendar of events, lecturers are worried after coming across messages on social media that classes will reopen in the first week of May.

Thimmaiah Purle, president, Karnataka Pre University Lecturers' Association, said they have approached chief minister to discuss the issue. Last year, PU lecturers had expressed disappointment as they were given very few holidays. They had also threatened to stage a protest.

"Last academic year, there was a lot of confusion. We hardly got a break. There are several lecturers who take time to research and study. Some of them take time during those holidays to prepare better for the next academic year. In such a case, not giving us the number of holidays we are entitled to means that the quality of education will suffer," he said.

"We have submitted a memorandum to the office of the chief minister in this regard. If we are not given the number of holidays as provided for in the Karnataka Civil Service Rules, we could also plan a boycott. The department needs to consider the humane aspects while taking such decisions," Purle said.

A lecturer from a private college said, "Teachers need time to prepare for classes. With routine work, it becomes impossible. It is only during the holidays that we can also make study material."

Umashankar S R, Principal Secretary, department of Primary and Secondary education, said, "We will look into the matter. I will have a discussion with the PU director and understand their concerns," he added.

(Published 18 January 2019, 17:09 IST)

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