White Doves Destitute Home inauguration today

Last Updated 16 February 2019, 19:06 IST

The 200-bed facility White Doves Psychiatry Nursing and Destitute Home will be inaugurated today, at Niddel Gokarna Road, Maroli in Kulshekar.

Briefing reporters, White Doves secretary and treasurer Jerome Coelho said that the state of the art building was built at a cost of Rs 8 crore.

The White Doves Psychiatry Nursing and Destitute Home will be inaugurated by philanthropist Leslie Fernandes in the presence of Karnataka Assembly Speaker Ramesh Kumar. The building has been designed by architects Peter and Paul Mascarenhas of M/s Archi Technics.

The foundation for the White Doves Psychiatry Nursing and Destitute Home was laid on February 2, 2016. The basement floor is for parking 15 vehicles, physiotherapy and handicraft making unit. The ground floor will house an emergency treatment room, therapy room, doctors room pharmacy, patient utility room, recreation hall, prayer hall, lobby, kitchen, dining hall, staff rooms and offices. The first floor will have four wards to house 100 men, staff rooms, and nurse stations. The second floor will house 100 women.

He said that White Doves was started using the talent of music to raise funds and buy medicine and other essentials for people lying uncared for by the families, at Government Wenlock and Lady Goschen Hospitals by Corrine Rasquinha.

Like-minded musicians and singers were bought together to raise funds for the noble cause of helping the downtrodden by providing free medicines, education to students and help to build homes for the homeless.

Further, he said White Doves operates two homes for the destitutes—one for women and one for men in temporary premises.

They have rehabilitated over 600 destitutes, caring and sheltering the abused, destitute and mentally challenged by providing selfless support.

Majority of the inmates have been picked from the streets, cleansed, medically treated and rehabilitated. Over 200 destitutes have been reunited with their families all over India and neighbouring Nepal and Bangladesh, he explained.

Jerome Coelho said the White Dovers runs a home for children with 41 children at Kulashekar and is taking care of their education and well being as well. The White Dovers goes to the streets in the late evenings and distributes food.

What started with 20 food packets 20 years ago, today feeds over 175 to 200 daily on the streets. Food cooked at the White Doves is packaged and taken to the streets daily at 7 pm to feed the hungry, he added.

(Published 16 February 2019, 19:02 IST)

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