Zebras from Israel add charm to Mysore's famed zoo

Last Updated 18 June 2014, 19:41 IST

  Now, there is one more reason to visit Mysore’s famed Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, popularly known as Mysore Zoo.

The Zoo authorities on Wednesday added four more zebras for public display. Aged about 12 to 18 months, they were gifted to the Zoo by Ramat Gan Safari Park, Tel Aviv, in April.

Pramoda Devi Wadiyar, wife of late royal scion Srikantadatta Wadiyar, released the animals during a ceremony held at the Zoo premises.

Speaking to reporters after the ceremony, Pramoda Devi said that it was her first visit to the Zoo in 20 years. Her last visit was when she had released penguins at the Zoo, two decades ago. The four striped beauties—two male and two female, were christened Dazzle, Sudheer, Dawn and Riddhi, respectively. 350 names suggested

While Dazzle and Dawn were the names suggested by Pramoda Devi, Sudheer and Riddhi were selected from a list of names suggested by animal enthusiasts.

In view of increasing public participation, the Zoo authorities had invited suggestions for names from the public following which a total of 350 names were received. The names Sudheer and Riddhi were selected by drawing lots.

According to Executive Director of the Zoo, B P Ravi, the animals were still ‘shy’ and would take time to adjust to the Zoo. “The animals have acclimatised well. They are yet to get used to the crowd,” he added. The number of zebras at the Mysore Zoo has now increased to five.

The other zebra is about 25 years old. According to the Zoo authorities, acquiring young zebras had also opened up possibilities of captive breeding of the species. Ravi said the animals were still young and would take a few years for the breeding programme to take shape.

“Female zebras achieve sexual maturity at an age of 5-6 years, and males at 6-7 years. So, there are still a few more years for the breeding,” he said.

(Published 18 June 2014, 19:41 IST)

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