Kolkata psycho had incestuous ties with sister

Last Updated : 12 June 2015, 19:58 IST
Last Updated : 12 June 2015, 19:58 IST

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Senior Kolkata Police officials said on Friday that entries in 44-year-old Partha De’s diary hint at an incestuous connection between him and his elder sister Debjani, who died in December at the age of 47.

The relationship could have dated back to their post-teenage years, when Debjani was coming into her own as a woman.  An entry in Partha’s diary claims their mother Arati disapproved of the siblings' proximity.

“My mother is jealous of didi (elder sister). We went to Digha (a seaside retreat near Kolkata). My mother forced her to strip in the bathroom,” stated the entry. According to other entries, Debjani tried to seduce Partha during the trip.

“The diary also revealed that the mother, who passed away in 2007, tried to get Partha to have a sexual relationship with the housemaid as she considered him impotent,” said a senior official.

Senior police officials said even though he did not make any bank transaction in the last six months, Partha used to spend around Rs 600 every day to buy pizza and pastries for Debjani.

The police have also found an intricate network of wires connected to audio speakers, on which he played instrumental music throughout the house, which had most of its windows sealed.

Partha claimed he sometimes practised séance to summon Debjani’s spirit.

Partha, a former employee of Tata Consultancy Services, and Debjani were both qualified engineers, having studied B Tech at the premier Rajabazar Science College.

While Debjani taught music at a leading convent school for boys till few years ago, Partha quit his job and lived in isolation in their house on upscale Shakespeare Sarani with his sister and father Aurobindo.

Partha was found with Debjani's skeleton on the bed next to his as the skeletons her two dogs lay in a corner of the room.  Debjani died in December, having starved herself while fasting under a religious guru’s instructions. Partha told police interrogators on Thursday he could not bear to have his sister cremated, and kept her body wrapped in a blanket on the bed, with the air-conditioner at full blast. He used to serve food to all three skeletons regularly.

The incident came to light on Thursday, a day after the police went to the house following complaints from neighbours who saw smoke billowing from the second-floor bathroom of the residence.

The police found the charred body of 77-year-old Aurobindo, who reportedly ended his life. The police have detained Partha for further questioning, and he has been sent to state-run mental hospital Pavlov Institute.

Published 12 June 2015, 19:58 IST

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