Meet Madi Sharma, the one who sent invites to EU MPs

Last Updated 30 October 2019, 09:08 IST

The visit of a 23-member EU delegation to Jammu and Kashmir has put the spotlight on a woman - Madi Sharma - and her NGO - Women's Eco-Nomic and Social Think-Tank (WESTT).

Reports claim that the visit was planned by WESTT, helmed by Madi Sharma, who describes herself as an “international business broker” and “education entrepreneur” on her Twitter account.

Questions were raised from across the country as to who this woman was and why a women's think tank NGO sponsor the trip to Jammu and Kashmir?

WESTT is a Women's Think Tank with "global dimensions focussing on the economic, environmental and social development of women. At a political level, it is also lobbying to raise awareness on key issues but never for commercial gain." It is a part of the Madi group led by Madi Sharma.

Madi Group is an International Private and Social Enterprise. Sharma appears to follow Mahatma Gandhi's idea. Gandhi's quote with Madi's addition, "You must be the change you want to see - No Excuses" features everywhere on her website.

Sharma is a public speaker internationally, particularly in the field of entrepreneurship. She is also a UK member of the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels, and a board member of several public and private sector boards. She is a former president of the EESC's delegation to India.

On September 14, 2019, she wrote an article on "Why demolishing Article 370 is both a victory and a challenge for Kashmiri women" published in EP Today. EP Today states to be a monthly magazine for the European Parliament.

In her article, she describes the abrogation of Article 370 to be "a bridge to securing the early stages of a shared economic, social and cultural agenda across India - one that prioritises the respect, honour, and fundamental freedoms belonging to every person regardless of where they were born, their cultural and spiritual customs, or where they live now."

The EU parliamentarians, who visited J&K, in a statement said, "If we talk about Article 370, it is India's internal matter. What concerns us is terrorism which is a global menace and we should stand with India in fighting it."

Today is the last day of their two-day visit to the valley.

(Published 30 October 2019, 08:36 IST)

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