Relocated rogue elephant from Kerala forest enters human settlements in Tamil Nadu

It was captured after being tranquillized by the Kerala forest department team
Last Updated : 06 May 2023, 09:48 IST

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The rogue elephant 'Arikomban', relocated from Chinnakanal in the Idukki district to the Mangaladevi forests in Periyar Tiger Reserve (PTR) around 110 km away, has entered the human habitations in Tamil Nadu creating scare among the people.

The elephant, which has killed around six people and destroyed more than 300 houses in the Chinnakanal area, was relocated exactly a week ago on April 29.

It was captured after being tranquillized by the Kerala forest department team and later pushed into an animal ambulance with the support of four Kumki elephants.

'Arikomban' was fitted with a radio collar after he was tranquillized and the Kerala forest department was monitoring the signals that were being received from the animal. The Kerala forest department has warned the Tamil Nadu counterparts that the elephant was roaming in Tamil Nadu forest areas and was reaching areas close to human habitats.

The wild elephant, according to local people, entered the human settlements late on Friday night and early Saturday morning and tried to destroy crops. Forest guards and local farmers drove the animal away.

According to Tamil Nadu forest department officials, the animal had tried to enter human settlements in Meghamala, Iravingalar and Manamalar areas.

M Chinnathambi, a farmer while speaking to IANS said, "We have heard enough of this rogue elephant. We don't know when he will trample us and destroy our crops. We are afraid of even going out in the evenings and nights as the presence of the elephant cannot be detected and one might unknowingly land in front of it.

The Tamil Nadu forest department has constituted a 120-strong force to keep a vigil on the entry of the rogue elephant into the human settlements and to wade away from the animal using gunshots and throwing country-made firearms.

Published 06 May 2023, 09:48 IST

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