Internships add exposure

Internships add exposure


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Dear Madam,

My son will be completing BE in Mechanical Engineering in April 2019. He has secured 69% so far. He was also involved in research projects and has made poster presentations. He wishes to study abroad in the same field. Kindly recommend a country for his Masters where he would be able to secure employment and settle down. Currently, four universities in Australia have sent conditional letters of admission. Is it true that Australia does not have job prospects for engineers? He has also applied for Canadian universities but so far we have not received any communication from them. Kindly advise the right place and university that he should apply for.

B Pinto


Dear Pinto,

If your son has already got offers from Australia, he could consider Adelaide and RMIT. Job prospects for hard-working individuals is never really a problem in any country. If you are still applying to universities, Canada, Germany, Ireland and New Zealand are countries that you ought to look into.


Dear Madam,

My daughter is in Class 11 (CBSE). She has taken up Humanities with Psychology as an optional subject. She has scored well in Class 10 Board exams. She is a US citizen and wants to pursue higher studies in the field of psychology in the US. She is planning to take up SAT this summer. I have been doing some research on good colleges. The best colleges have a very low acceptance rate and tuition fee is also very high. Can you please offer some advice on how to improve her chances of acceptance and also on scholarships?



Dear DR,

Tuition fees in Public/State universities are very reasonable for a US citizen. If you have a few Ivy leagues and other private universities on your wish list, complete the College Scholarship Service (CSS) profile on college board. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is another option for securing financial aid. The undergraduate acceptance rates in US universities are generally pretty good and not something to be worried about. A good CGPA in her CBSE with high SAT scores will help her land in her dream universities with some scholarship.


Dear Madam,

I am in the third year of my engineering (CSE). I want to pursue my Masters abroad. But I am confused whether to take up Masters or to find a job before I get to an experience and exposure to that environment. So, I am expecting your advice as to which one would be a better option as I am interested in both.



Dear Megha,

Pursue your masters soon after your engineering. I would advise you to work for a few years only if you wish to do an MBA. For all other master’s programmes, work experience is not required. Most students find it difficult to get back to their books after taking a break from studies and experiencing the joys of working and earning. I personally feel it is better to complete your studies and then start working. You could do a few internships now to give you that added exposure.


Dear Madam,

I am currently studying Class 8 in Kalaburagi, Karnataka. I wish to study abroad after completing Class 10. Kindly suggest countries and universities for studying abroad. Also, I want to know the international entry level exams which I have to take, like IELTS.

Musfirah H


Dear Musfirah,

It is good to find an eighth grader writing in with definite plans for the future! For a start, concentrate on your exams each year and do really well. During your summer holidays, focus on extra-curricular activities and community service. When you are in Grade 11, you need to write the IELTS, SAT and SAT subject tests. You could also start attending German language classes from right now at Goethe Institute and be fluent in German by the time you graduate from high school. This will help in getting admissions to good German universities where education is free.


Dear Madam,

I have completed BE in Medical Electronic (Biomedical). I am currently working and am interested in pursuing my Masters in a research-oriented branch abroad. I am confused about what course will be good as well as universities, and which country would be a better option for
Please suggest.


Dear Meghana,

Medical Electronics, Bio-
Instrumentation, Bio-
mechanics, Medical Imaging, Biomedical Engineering, Clinical Biochemistry, Microbiology and Vascular Science are some of the areas you could specialise in. I would recommend the UK and US for Biomedical purely because you have plenty of options with an excellent choice of universities.


Dear Madam,

I am in the second year of my Civil engineering. After completing my BE, I am planning to do my MS abroad. Could you please guide me on the countries and universities where I can pursue MS with a
manageable cost?



Dear Hemanth,

Countries that offer affordable education are Germany, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Canada. If you are a Civil engineering student, I would recommend the University of Canterbury New Zealand which is not only known for this course but there is also a demand for civil engineers in their country. Their master’s program is for a duration of one year and you get a post-study work visa for three years. In Germany, the University of Stuttgart, Technology University of Munich, Dresden University of Technology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Technical University of Berlin and RWTH Aachen are the best for civil engineering. In the UK, Nottingham Trent University, Westminster University, Anglia Ruskin University and Sheffield Hallam University offer affordable programmes in civil engineering and construction management.