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No-cook breakfast options are trending,
Last Updated 08 April 2019, 19:30 IST

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it’s highly essential to get good nutrition and energy early in the morning so that you can get through your manic day easily. But cooking elaborate meals in the morning can prove to be a problem, especially with the current hectic lifestyles and time-starved schedules. But fret not, for here are some recipes that require no cooking at all! Yes, you read that right. You can make breakfast without turning on the gas at all. From wraps to sandwiches, no-cook options are aplenty!

Tofu lettuce wraps

INGREDIENTS: Tofu 50 gm, carrot 50 gm cut in juliennes, green capsicum 50 cut in juliennes, spring onion 50 gm finely chopped, soy sauce 2 tbsp, Thai red chillies 5 finely chopped, iceberg lettuce 10 to wrap, roasted sesame seeds 5-10 gm, lemon juice ½ tsp, sriracha sauce for serving, mayonnaise for serving.

METHOD: Mix together the above list of ingredients except for lettuce, sriracha and mayonnaise. Place the mixture on the crispy iceberg lettuce and fold to form a wrap. Serve with sriracha and mayonnaise sauce.

Vegetable crudites with guacamole

INGREDIENTS: Broccoli florets 40 gm, cauliflower florets 40 gm, red/yellow/green bell pepper cut lengthwise, carrots 40 gm cut in batonnet, yellow squash 40 gm cut in batonnet, zucchini green 40 gm cut in batonnet, cherry tomatoes, 7-8 units, guacamole dip.

METHOD: Cut the broccoli and cauliflower into florets. Cut the carrots, bell peppers and both zucchini into batonnet. Blanch all the vegetables and cool it down, except bell peppers and tomatoes. Arrange all the blanched vegetables, bell peppers and cherry tomatoes in a platter and serve it with guacamole dip or any dip of your choice.

Pineapple coleslaw with cheese sandwich

INGREDIENTS: Cabbage 2 leaves shredded, carrot 30 gm cut into juliennes, pineapple 30 gm cut into juliennes, black pepper as per taste, salt as per taste, cream 20 gm, green capsicum 1 cut into juliennes, mayonnaise 30 gm, iceberg lettuce 2 leaves, white bread slice 2 slices, cheese slice 1.

METHOD: Cut the veggies and pineapple in juliennes. For the mixture of coleslaw, mix the cut veggies and pineapple together with mayonnaise & cream. Season with salt and pepper as per the taste. Take a slice of bread, apply the mayonnaise and then lay the lettuce leaf. Spread the pineapple coleslaw on the lettuce and put a cheese slice over it. Cover it with another mayonnaise-applied bread slice.

Serving suggestion: Can be served with nachos with tomato ketchup.

Dill & cream cheese pink salmon rose

INGREDIENTS: Cream cheese (Mascarpone or Philadelphia cheese) 100 gm, dill leaves 100 gm finely chopped, lemon juice ½ tsp, crushed black pepper as per taste, salt as per the taste, cream 50 gm, sliced pink smoked salmon 10 slices.

METHOD: Whip the cream cheese & cream together and add ½ tsp lemon juice. Add finely chopped dill leaves, and salt & pepper to taste to the above-mentioned mixture of cheese and cream. Apply the cream cheese and dill mixture on the salmon slices. Roll out the salmon slices and place it in a vertical position to look like a rose.

(Published 08 April 2019, 19:30 IST)

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