BENGALURU LIVE- December 17, 2018

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  • 14:36

    1400 homeless identified in Bengaluru

    A 3-day long survey by the BBMP, Impact India Foundation and the Dream India Network has uncovered and identified over 1,400 homeless people in Bengaluru - just in the area surrounding the City Market and Majestic.

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  • 14:10

    Namrata Purohit’s pilates studio now at Indiranagar

    The father-daughter duo Samir and Namrata Purohit, following their success in the Cunnigham Road branch, launched another branch of The Pilates Studio in Indiranagar.

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  • 13:12

    Celebrity chefs in Bengaluru

    Celebrity chefsSarah Todd and Ben Ungermann, who rose to popularity after their appearances in MasterChef Australia in 2014 and 2017, speak about their experience in Bengaluru.

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  • 12:31

    Rajajinagar RTO to be shut from Dec 20 to 29

    Planning to visit the Rajajinagar RTO anytime soon? Brace fora major inconvenience as the office will
    be closed from December 20 to 29. Read more

  • 10:41

    Homemaker uses rangoli to make learning attractive

    For 60-year-old columnist Kusum, rangoli isn’t restricted to pujas. “They have a far wider scope,” she believes. Thehomemaker has come up with rangoli patterns using alphabets and numerals with a motive to teach children in a fun manner. Read more

  • 10:07

    Cricket betting goes onlineIt is illegal to gamble on cricket in India, but city bettors transact through apps and escape the eyes of the law

    Bengaluru police recently arrested four men for cricket betting, and seized Rs 17.6 lakh in stake money. But that’s not even a drop in the ocean when compared to the scale of betting in the city every time an international cricket match takes place anywhere, police say. Read more

  • 09:33

    BMRCL cancels Outer Ring Road project tender

    The BMRCL has cancelled the project tender for the KR Puram-Silk Board line on the Outer Ring Road after debt-ridden IL&FS emerged as the top bidder, potentially delaying the line further.

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  • 09:22

    The BMTC is offering to teach driving to 1,000 women under a free scheme, but only 120 have begun learning.

    Funds are coming from the Nirbhaya fund , and trainees can opt for heavy vehicles such as buses and lorries, or light vehicles, such as cars and vans. Read more

  • 09:14

    Biker kills shopkeeper for sprinkling water on road

    In the wee hours of Sunday, a shop owner was stabbed to death by a call centre employee in Mahalakshmi Layout, after they quarrelled over a trivial issue. Read more

  • 08:55

    Karnataka has recorded the largest number of bank robberies among south Indian states in the last over 5 years.

  • 08:42

    Helipads coming soon on 5 landfills to ferry patients - BBMP, HAL in feasibility talks

    To ferry patients seeking immediate medical attention to the city, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) is going beyond the city limits. Now, the civic body has identified five landfills in the outskirts to construct helipads. Read more

  • 08:36

    Vehicular pollution contributes to 60% of the total air pollution, and over 80% of CO2 pollution in Bengaluru.

  • 08:17

    Scratch your back and lose money: Gang’s new trick to rob people

    Robbery gangs are coming up with ingenious ways of targeting people. The latest trick of their trade is spraying itching powder on gullible victims and makingoff with the booty. Read more

  • 08:14

    Whitefield slums in the dark for 2 weeks, BBMP looks the other way

    Migrant workers in the slums of Thubarahalli and Kundalahalli near Whitefield are distressed over a two-week power outage, with the BBMP not responding to letters from their supporters. Read more

  • 08:04

    BBMP selects five places in CBD area to build skywalks

    Unfazed by public opposition, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike plans to put up skywalks at five places in the Central Business District, which would hugely benefit the advertisers.

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  • 07:59

    Finally, Bengalureans feel winter chill, weatherman says it’s cyclone effect

    With the chill gripping the city on Saturday and Sunday, residents felt that winter has finally arrived, but this was due to the cloudy sky and wind. Read more