Dancing your wayto good health

Dancing your wayto good health

nimble feet Dance is a great way to release energy, shed inhibitions and express emotions, writes Shiamak Davar


Dance is a holistic activity for mind, body and soul. Those who are into dance become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses and can then accordingly work on them.

Using dance as a medium of physical activity and creative outlet helps to channelise energy in a resourceful manner. This is where the art of dance and the performing arts help develop skills, knowledge and understanding. An expert faculty who is specialised in teaching people of all age groups understands their individual requirements and ensures that they learn in a fun and friendly environment

With a dance class, people find something to look forward to and get to participate in an activity that they like. People who are perceived as introverts get a platform to express themselves and their personality starts reflecting positively. Not only do they learn dance and engage in a physical activity, but also experience something that gives them confidence. When you dance, you sweat, and you release ‘feel good’ endorphins that make you happy. Dancing is a great way to be in a happy state of mind.

In times when technology and social media eat into our time, dance is a great hobby where one can learn, enjoy and workout at the same time. Learning dance helps improve fitness levels, confidence, focus, concentration, team spirit, positive thinking, discipline, all-round development, posture and body language. The motto should be ‘Have Feet. Will Dance’!

Music in itself is therapeutic while dance is a physical interpretation of what music says.

Dance also has the ability to heal. Health is a state of mind and fitness is a way of life. A fit body homes a healthy mind. Dance helps improve overall fitness, endurance, muscle toning and strengthening. It involves cardio vascular/ aerobic fitness, core and strength training and stretches for flexibility. Students work together in a group and this sense of team spirit encourages them. Dance requires a lot of stamina which ensures the body is agile and light.

Working professionals in corporate companies lead a sedentary lifestyle. With dance, they find a stress-buster where they can disconnect from their worries. It channels their mind into a positive space. It incorporates a form of physical activity into their lifestyle. In fact, for many, it helps connect with like-minded people, find friends, and even network. 

Before joining a dance class or academy, one must ensure the instructors are professionally trained. As dance is a physical activity, one can end up harming oneself if they don’t understand the body and the impact of exercises and movement.

Dance has come a long way in the past few years and people are taking a keen interest in it. 

Any activity that people engage in needs to become a part of their regular schedule to really experience and appreciate its impact. It is a form of art that evolves constantly and continuously. To imbibe the maximum, it is essential to make it a part of the routine.

There is a progression in one’s ability to grasp choreography, understand movement and realise the positive impact it has on one’s personality, which one can only achieve by making it a part of their lifestyle and routine.

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