Protect the sheen

Jagrati Shringi suggests five ways to protect your precious silver oxidised jewellery

Silver oxidised jewellery

Oxidised jewellery is fashion jewellery crafted with sterling silver and given an antique or slightly tarnished look. It is great for creating a wide range of styles and looks good with all kinds of outfits. You can wear your oxidised jewellery any time, with any outfit. Just remember that oxidised jewellery, like any other form of imitation or fashion jewellery, needs to be handled with some care.

Good quality oxidised jewellery will take a long time to tarnish, even when you wear it often. The surface colour may wear off, revealing the actual colour of the base metal. Oxidised jewellery is absolutely safe to wear only when it comes from an ISO-certified company that guarantees you skin-friendly alloys and base metals, colours and elements that pass the strictest quality checks. Don’t fall for cheap imitation jewellery that copies designs from other makers and uses low-grade material to cut down on the MRP. Nickel allergy is a real issue and before you know it, your skin may just break out in severe rashes.

Here’s how to protect your oxidised jewellery:

* Prevent tarnishing of oxidised jewellery by keeping it as dry as possible. If wearing it in humid conditions, make sure you wipe it clean with a soft dry cloth and then store it.

* Oxidised jewellery is usually quite sturdy in terms of its finish. But the coating can still wear off quickly if you do not care for the accents and the detailing that your piece may feature. Enamelling and embellishments, commonly used for oxidised jewellery, need proper care.

* Avoid harsh chemicals directly on the surface of oxidised jewellery. So no body sprays and deodorants, no wearing your oxidised jewellery to the pool either.

* While storing your oxidised jewellery that may have added features such as beads and tassels, make sure you store these in a clutter-free storage box or bag. When constantly in contact with other jewellery with jagged edges or metallic finishes, it may lead to tangles and other damages.

* If your oxidised earring or pendant comes attached with long, delicate chains, make sure you store your jewellery in a way that the chains do not get tangled with other materials or knotted up.

* Avoid using water or any chemical to clean your oxidised jewellery.

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