Gulp down that water now!

Gulp down that water now!

A super-nutrient called water!

A rule of thumb is one should drink about 3 litres (12 glasses) of water per day

Water is the most important nutrient, actually super-nutrient, for our body, and if our body isn’t well-hydrated, then the other nutrients won’t be metabolised fully. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that our bodies are entirely dependent on water. After all, water makes up for around 60-70% of our body weight. 

However, the amount of water contained in different body cells varies. Muscle cells comprise 70-75% water, whereas fat cells contain only 10-15% water. Therefore, a muscular person will always have a good percentage of water in their body. When one doesn’t hydrate their body adequately, the cells start losing water and the adverse effects of dehydration sets in. Dehydration can be a serious condition that can lead to problems ranging from swollen feet to headaches to life-threatening illnesses such as heatstrokes. So remember, every cell and organ in our body depends on water to perform innumerable functions.

The most essential functions of water are:

• Removal of waste and toxins

• Regulating bowels

• Transporting nutrients and oxygen to all the cells in the body

• Helping the heart pump blood efficiently

• Controlling blood viscosity, blood circulation and therefore, blood pressure

• Regulating body temperature

• Lubricating joints

• Protecting organs and tissues

• Helping in saliva production

Most of us are aware of these essential functions of water, yet many of us fail to drink enough of it on a daily basis. So, how does one ensure to drink enough water regularly?

Keep a water bottle handy

Keep a bottle of water handy and sip on it whenever you look at it. Before stepping out of the house, make sure that you have grabbed your water bottle. There are some physiological signals that the body sends which compel you to grab a bottle of water immediately. Thus, once you make your body cells habituated to drinking enough water, your body makes sure you drink enough of it by sending you the thirst cues more often, thus creating the need to drink!

How much water is enough for you?

There are different recommendations for water intake. A rule of thumb is one should drink about 3 litres (12 glasses) of water per day. However, different people need different amounts of water to stay hydrated. For some people, fewer than eight glasses may be enough. Those who indulge in a lot of physical activities and exercise have higher water requirements. The best way to check if you are hydrated is to check your urine. If your urine is consistently colourless or light yellow, you are most likely to be optimally hydrated.

Many times, increasing your water intake may also increase your rounds to the washroom. Having one glass of water every hour reduces the frequency to visit the washroom often and makes sure you are well-hydrated throughout the day.

Tips for staying hydrated

• When you are out, consider carrying a reusable water bottle so that it can be refilled with water once it’s empty. This can also make it easy for you to track how much water you actually drank through the day.

• If plain water doesn’t fascinate you, try squeezing a lemon or adding some herbs (mint, coriander, etc) to your drink.

• Ensure that you drink water before,
during and after your workout.

• Begin and end your day with a glass of water.

• When you feel hungry, drink water. This will help you figure out if it’s just thirst or actual hunger. True hunger will not be satisfied by drinking water.

• Prepare a schedule if you have trouble remembering to drink water.

• Drink water when you go to a restaurant. It not only keeps you hydrated but also keeps you full so that you eat in controlled portions.

(Courtesy: GOQii Coaching Team)