Microwaved food can hamper fertility

Microwaved food can hamper fertility

Microwaving food has more disadvantages than you think...

Microwaving food can transfer plastic from the container into the food

Food microwaved in plastic containers can put you or your unborn child at a greater risk of infertility, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Scientists have found out that heating food in plastic containers in a microwave oven can cause high blood pressure, affect fertility, and damage the brain functioning, amongst other horrifying conditions. Heating plastic containers in microwave releases 95% of all chemicals.

The most hazardous chemicals in plastic containers are bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA, and phthalate. The BPA we ingest gets into our bloodstream and may cause infertility, hormonal changes, changes in gender traits, and even different types of cancers. It can also damage the brain structure, increase hyperactivity, aggression and obesity. 

The most disturbing truth is that heat transfers the chemicals in plastic effectively into your food. When the food is heated, the food touching the plastic receives the chemicals leaking out.

What to do?

While using a microwave, always maintain some distance. Research shows that they leak harmful radiation when in use. 

Try to pack foods in glass containers. Glass never transfers chemicals the same way as plastic.

Rewrap your food in safer coverings as soon as you purchase it.

Pregnant women must avoid food and drinks heated in plastic containers as chemicals can increase the risk of miscarriage by 80%.

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