These B'lureans travel from across the globe to vote

These B'lureans travel from across the globe to vote

NRI voters

One of the voters who flew in to cast his vote

Shishir Jairam, a Bengalurean, travelled all the way from Singapore to cast his vote.

After casting his vote, he tweeted “Casted my vote! Flew in from Singapore, hardly slept, stood in the queue for an hour but the immense satisfying of casting vote is priceless. “

Jairam is one of the many Bengalureans who flew in from various parts of the world to do their bit for the country by exercising their franchise. After casting their votes, they proudly tweeted pictures of their inked fingers on Twitter encouraging fellow Bengalureans to vote.

Another Bengalurean, Pallavi Nitin travelled from Dammam, Sudi Arabia, to exercise her right in Bengaluru. Her tweet reads “Traveling to my home town to cast my vote and do my duty as a citizen. Jai Hind”. She also encouraged people living away to travel to do their duty.

Manjunath travelled from California to cast his vote in the city. His tweet read “Travelled from California, USA to Bangalore, India to cast my vote “

Another Bengalurean tweeted about his friend who flew all the way from Kenya to vote on Thursday.

People also travelled from other cities to cast their vote in the city. Avinash travelled from Hyderabad to cast his vote in the city.

Another Bengalurean Hitesh travelled from work in Mumbai to Bengaluru. Many travelled from various parts in the country including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Goa to cast their votes.